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2 0 1 5 J U N E P R I N T W E A R || 97 it can deliver the merchandise and deter- mine how much time the decorator needs to produce it. Lastly, find out from your customer if there is a deadline. While the customer could love everything about the new promotional product, it casts a dark shadow if it doesn't arrive on time. New products come out every year, as well as new ways to decorate merchandise and develop branding, opening even more doors. But a new trend that's developed in the industry lately is smaller orders. While larger orders come about from time to time, the average order has shrunk in size. Company stores can help corporations establish and regulate dress codes. The merchandise can be used as a way to offer employees rewards for great service or as campaigns to raise awareness and contri- butions. Company stores are a great way for the customer to provide apparel and merchandise for their employees without tying up a lot of capital into inventory. All of this can be done in a convenient way for the end user. However it's done, whether in one piece at a time to an indi- vidual, or collecting orders for a certain pe- riod of time, company stores are definitely on the rise. For some, this could be seen as a down- turn in the industry, to others as a way to offer product in diverse ways. Either way, the company store ideal is growing and forcing larger manufacturers to adapt from a mass production mindset, to something a little more individualized. Another great way to service your corpo- rate client is by offering fulfillment on or- ders. Because of demand, more decorators offer this service, either alongside or inde- pendent of warehousing and fulfillment centers. It's an inventive way to develop a product line for your customer, and it keeps the company store design going. For those decorators who have the space and manpower, it also allows them another way to service their customer base, in turn, giving the salesperson the convenience of housing everything under one roof. Whether it's to gain exposure for a small business, advertising on a larger scale for corporate clients, or gaining recognition for charitable organizations, advertising has become a necessary means. Put that alongside a client's desire to add value to their dollar, and you create the market and need for promotional products.

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