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Performance. As you know, hat embroidery is digitized differently from the center out with much larger satin stitches that hold up well on buckram backed hats. This was where it got ugly. Beyond any reasoning, we somehow decided that this would sew fine on the performance fabric as a left-chest logo. That was a bad move. Even worse, we shipped them to the client. When the phone rang, the owner told us that he loved everything except the embroi- dered shirts. So we ran across town to pick up the poor-quality product. It was even worse than we imagined. With some mod- ifications and, of course, digitizing, we used adhesive performance backing and a small- er-gauge needle to sew the Berg logo as an outline, which also minimized the stitches and weight. Fortunately, the client loved them. Crisis averted from embar- rassment? Not so much. But we were at least able to save the designs before the whole ship went down. FROM SOFTWARE TO SUBSTRATE Using "Pathfinder," all the parts are merged to one object to create a clipping mask. The Colorado flag is selected and pasted behind the Berg logo. Above: In addi- tion to the screen printing, this job features embroi- dered elements. Right: The inks are a custom mix using the man- ufacturer's soft- ware and a scale to match the Colorado flag's official Pantone Matching System colors. 16 || P R I N T W E A R J U N E 2 0 1 5

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