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2 0 1 5 J U N E P R I N T W E A R || 55 home-based business. Take a look at your life and what's important to you. Plug in boundaries that support the important el- ements of your life. I'm a huge believer in the family din- ner table. I cook a meal for my family nearly every night. We sit down without any phones and we eat, talk, bicker, and laugh. When my children were in school activities, it was often later in the evening after practice or the game and, most im- portantly, after they showered. But we still sat down together at least five to six days a week without work interruptions. I'm also a fervent believer in coming together regularly with our staff at work. We sit down to check on projects and progress—who needs help, who has an idea, who has some news to share. Even if you're a solo operation, take time to de- cide what you plan to accomplish today when you start to work. It's a great way to succeed. Growing up, we lived next door to a writer who wrote plays, some of which have been produced off-Broadway, so he was apparently pretty good at it. When he went into writing mode, he always wore a specific baseball cap—his physical boundary. We knew he was in his creative zone when we saw him in his cap. He'd walk around his yard or in the park behind our home. If you talked to him, he usually didn't answer. I suspect he didn't even see or hear us. He was building scenes in his head, hearing the lines of the characters, and visualizing the scenes—he was work- ing. When he came out later without that ball cap, he was one of the dads who would push us on the swings and goof around. He was great at defining and honoring the boundaries of his work and personal life. continued on page 111 Hours devoted to lab and beta testing for the launch of the mPower i-series to date Seconds to print a full-color, 12" x 10" light shirt graphic Number of actuations that each Ricoh® industrial strength print head is rated for 10,000 100 Billion 20 855-863-1638 the heart Y O U ' R E L O O K I N G AT O F O U R P R I N T E R Do you still rely on plastic print heads to print your full color t-shirts and other apparel? Accept only the highest quality for your business. Stainless-steel Ricoh print heads, a patented closed-loop ink delivery system and advanced AnaRIP software make the AnaJet mPower i-series the fastest, most durable DIRECT TO GARMENT printer. See our printer in action at To learn more visit our website JUNE 4-6 INDIANAPOLIS, IN BOOTH # 1205

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