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2 0 1 5 J U N E P R I N T W E A R || 57 pair of scissors. That said, there are other methods for cutting appliqué. For example, start with a trace stitch, which shows the embroiderer where to place the fabric. This is simply an outline of the object that is the appliqué. You can achieve this with nothing more than a run stitch. Once the trace stitch is complete, stop the machine and lay down whatever material you wish. Next, use a tack-down stitch. The tack- down stitch is either a run stitch or a zig- zag stitch and measures 1 mm to 3 mm on the inside of the trace stitch, depend- ing on the width of the final stitching. Once the tack-down stitch is sewn, stop the machine and use scissors to cut as close to the tack-down stitching as pos- sible. If you don't cut close enough, you risk the appliqué material stitching out from the final stitching. After the materi- al is cut, continue the embroidery process and finish the design. Another method is to precut appliqué before starting the design. This allows for a more precise cut and faster production. Hoop and stitch the trace stitch on a firm material, such as a manila folder. The nee- dle will perforate the folder, which allows you to cut a precise shape. Once the trace stitch is complete, remove the folder from the machine and cut along the perforation. Lay the template on top of your material, trace the shape, and cut around it. The end result will be near perfectly cut pieces of appliqué material. There is also a variety of low-cost com- puterized cutters available. As part of the digitizing process, the trace stitch can be exported to a cutter, which results in a dig- itally created cut for perfect representation of the shape. If you want to avoid the time of prepar- ing your own appliqué pieces or ensure precision, you can send a file to a company Images for illustrative purposes only. †This lease offer is valid between April 1, 2015 and July 31, 2015. This offer is valid only on the lease of a new Brother™ GT-3 Series Printer (GT-341/GT-361/GT-381) ("GT Printer") leased directly from Brother International Corporation ("Brother") and is valid within the United States only. The term of the lease shall be 36 months. Not all will qualify. Brother reserves the right to withhold approval in its sole discretion. Brother reserves the right to change or discontinue this offer and leasing programs at any time. For full details, visit Standard terms apply to non-promotional purchases and optional charges. ©2015 Brother International Corporation. All rights reserved.

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