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2 0 1 5 J U N E P R I N T W E A R || 75 The ink temperature is dependent on three factors: oven temperature setting, time setting, and number of ink layers printed. Increasing the temperature and speeding up the belt doesn't ensure cure as time of heat exposure is important for the water to evaporate. Ensuring water is suf- ficiently evaporated is essential to prevent- ing poor crock results. It's possible to have great wash results at one minute exposure, but the crock may fail. On particularly hu- mid days, it may take longer to evaporate the water from the shirt, so allow more time in the oven. With these techniques, decorators can embrace water-based ink's growing popu- larity and get the most from their prints. The keys to curing water-based ink are reaching full evapo- ration of water and ensuring the proper temperature for ink to crosslink. During a print run, the ink may begin to evaporate. Sim- ply spray a fine mist of water in the flooded ink behind the squeegee until the ink looks wet and glossy again.

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