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2 • June 2015 • L E D & E M C Sign Cabinet Retrofits Successful fluorescent–to-LED sign cabinet retrofits are easier and more profitable than ever B y H e n r y B r o w n Retrofit Solutions Gas stations often afford numerous opportunities for fluorescent-to-LED retrofits, including several cabinet type signs. (All images courtesy of Ventex Technology) F ield-installed fluorescent lamp ret- rofits with LED sign lighting sys- tems have, until recently, been pretty much overlooked. Of the sign retrofits that have been completed over the past few years, the vast majority has been for channel letter sets—swapping out neon for LED systems. LED sign lighting manufacturers have only recently placed more focus on products designed to replace fluorescent lamps in cabinet signs, but even so, the primary application for these new prod- ucts has been new sign manufacturing rather than retrofits. Service companies outside the sign industry have been replacing T12 fluo- rescent lamps in retrofit scenarios for more than a decade, primarily using T8 replacements. However, recent advances in LED chip technology have made fluo- rescent lamp retrofits with LEDs not only possible, but also economically sensible. LED sign lighting manufacturers have taken note lately, and have brought to market several LED-based fluorescent lamp alternatives for use in in cabinet signs. Flip through this magazine issue and you'll see what I mean. The Market According to the 2011 U.S. Census there are more than a million retail establishments in the United States (approximately 1,062,942). Included in this list (NAICS code 44-45) are gas Henry Brown is president of Ventex Technology, a supplier of LED and neon sign lighting solutions, as well as neon/fluorescent- to-LED retrofit sign solu- tions. LED/EMC

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