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L E D & E M C • June 2015 • 23 M ost sign shops recognize the ben- efits of being able to provide their customers with sophisticated electronic messaging center display technology, but many shops, though they may find opportunity to sell an EMC system to their customers, may not have the capa- bilities needed to build and install the system themselves. In those cases, a shop can turn to an EMC signage wholesaler to sub out the work. Still, the process of working with an EMC sign wholesaler may seem unfamil- iar or even mysterious to the uninitiated. To help answer some key questions Sign & Digital Graphics magazine asked Mike Townsend—sales manager at E B S C O Signs & Displays, a wholesale E M C provider in Clanton, Alabama—some key questions about working with EMC wholesalers. Q: What are some of the advantages of a sign shop working with an LED display wholesaler? A: Sign shops have three choices when it comes to who they work with. They can partner with a U.S.-based manufacturer of EMCs that is strictly wholesale, they can buy directly from a U.S.-based EMC manufacturer, or they can work with an overseas supplier. We at EBSCO Signs & Displays follow the wholesale model, meaning we only sell to resellers. The advantage to this approach is that the sign shop never needs to worry about their supplier going around them to sell directly to their customers. All E M C manufacturers get approached regularly by end users who are looking to purchase directly. It's difficult for some to resist the temptation of a quick sale. As a result, some of the larger players do this on a regular basis. Companies like ours take LED/EMC Wholesale EMCs Working With an EMC Wholesaler Q&A on how the process works Most sign shops that do printing are familiar with DPI as it relates to image resolution, but are less familiar with the notion of pixel pitch and its role in LED display resolution.

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