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26 • June 2015 • L E D & E M C A: Yes. Today, most displays are controlled wirelessly. Radio frequency modems—where a signal is sent from an RF modem on the building to a paired RF modem at the sign—will likely con- tinue to rule for the foreseeable future. Cellular transmission and signs on the Internet are gaining in popularity but continue to be a minority solution as RF is typically less expensive and more stable. Q: After the sign is up, how is the sign's content controlled? A: Users create what they want to display on the sign through a software interface. A combination of text, images and video clips can be uploaded to the display. A good software platform should offer a robust scheduling suite. For instance, our software allows a mes- sage to be scheduled months in advance. When the scheduled time arrives, the chosen message plays automatically and is removed from rotation when it expires. There are also ways to have environmen- tally controlled messages appear. For example, if the temperature surpasses a predetermined mark, say 90 degrees, a convenience store can specify that an "Ice Cold Coke" image appear on its display. Q: What sort of software is needed to control the sign? Is it user friendly enough for a newbie to use? A: Any reputable manufacturer includes software with its display. Our software is intuitive and very user friendly. We also offer complimentary software training for our dealer partners and their customers. We understand this is a significant investment for all involved and dealer partners and customers alike need to know that we're here to help them get the most out of their sign. Q: What kind of considerations should be taken into account if a sign shop wants to easily make future upgrades to the display? A: Most of our displays can be upgraded to a higher resolution with some simple modifications. While this Sign shops should work with a whole- saler that they're comfortable with— one that's willing to spend as much time training with them as they need. According to a recent study by the Small Business Administration, businesses that invest in an EMC will get a minimum 15 percent increase in revenue, and possibly as much as a 150 percent increase.

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