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L E D & E M C • June 2015 • 27 may sound like a great option, the real- ity is that most customers never decide to do this. Instead, we recommend pur- chasing the highest resolution display their budget can afford initially. It will end up being less expensive than buy- ing a lower resolution display now and upgrading later. Q: How much training can a sign shop expect, when working with an EMC display wholesaler? A: It depends on the wholesaler. We pride ourselves on tailoring our training to each dealer partners' need. Some are already familiar with EMC displays and just need to know how ours differ. Others know very little and we need to spend the necessary time to help them understand the technology and what their options are, and to help steer them in directions that their customers will respond to. Sign shops need to work with a whole- saler that they're comfortable with—one that's willing to spend as much time with them as they need. Q: After an EMC display is installed, how is its maintenance handled? A: We partner with our dealers to service a sign if the need arises. In some cases our dealers do not have the ability to service a display. When that occurs we reach out to our nationwide service net- work to get the display up and running. Q: How can a sign shop justify the cost of a investing in a large LED display to its clients? A: It's a rare retailer that doesn't want an LED display, so the question is spot on—retailers need to understand that the sign is an investment. The Small Business Administration released a study stating that businesses that invest in an EMC will get, at minimum, a 15 percent increase in revenue, and possibly even see as much as a 150 percent increase. To drive home this statistic, we actually have a tool on our website that allows a dealer's custom- ers to calculate when the sign will pay for itself from increased profits. SDG Most EMC displays today are controlled wirelessly. A good EMC software platform should offer a robust scheduling suite.

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