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6 • June 2015 • L E D & E M C Maintenance Expense Reduction While energy reduction is the objec- tive that the power companies are look- ing to achieve, business owners are equally interested in lowering mainte- nance costs. With some hard-to-reach cabinet signs, changing a light bulb is not a simple proposition. LED retrofits can virtually eliminate maintenance calls from the business owner's budget. In any sign lighting system, the driv- ing device (power pack) has typically been the most common failure point. The vast majority of LED sign lighting system service calls result from issues with the power supply. LED power sup- plies fail for various reasons, including component failure, exposure to exces- sive heat, power surges and lightning strikes. Simplifying access to the power supply dramatically reduces the potential for costly service calls. For this reason, mounting the power supply remotely, in an easy accessible location is a significant advantage. Be mindful of the additional cost incurred if heavier gauge wire is required to remote-mount power sup- plies. Compare driving distances on the manufacturers' specification sheets to keep wire costs to a minimum. Using the existing conduit for the main power running to the fluorescent ballasts in the sign is the simplest and least expensive method to remote mount the LED power supplies. Easy access to the power sup- plies combined with LEDs with lifetime projections in excess of 100,000 hours can virtually eliminate maintenance costs for years to come. Retrofit Cost Any RO I analysis starts with the upfront cost of the retrofit. The cost will be calculated as the sum of material costs plus labor costs plus equipment rental. Site surveys are critical in determining the appropriate labor and equipment requirements. Use the layout and bill of materials provided by the LED manufac- turer to determine material costs. For maximum labor efficiency, a mini- mum of a two-man crew is recommended This document shows the various parts and quantities needed to fit a 30" x 82" Dunkin Donuts cabinet sign. Lights inside the canopy were also retrofitted with LED string lights. When installing a retrofit, make sure to provide easy access to the power pack. This will dramati- cally reduce the cost of future service calls.

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