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L E D & E M C • June 2015 • 7 for most sign retrofits. Doubling the size of the crew can reduce labor costs by more than 50 percent, making the larger crew more cost effective. With retrofits, time is money. Topography and acces- sibility to a sign will also impact the size of the crew and equipment needed. More importantly, sample and test the avail- able LED retrofit systems and find the one that is easiest to work with. Ease of handling, assembly and installation in the field will determine the amount of time you spend in the field. Many sign companies are either not aware of (or simply ignore) the rebates that are often available from the power company. But power company energy rebates can reduce the upfront cost of a cabinet sign retrofit from 50 percent (of the material cost) to 75 percent (of the entire job). Maximize your rebate dollars by using the LED sign lighting systems that offer maximum system efficacy— delivering the highest lumen output per watt consumed. Proper Illumination "Proper illumination" is whatever your client says it is. Poor illumination, or the cost of maintaining proper illumi- nation, is often a contributing factor to the decision to retrofit cabinet signs. As a sign service professional, it's your job to determine what your client wants and then to deliver it. LED sign lighting system manufac- turers provide module layouts to help ensure that proper sign illumination is achieved. When followed accurately, lay- outs should produce proper illumination and provide the position of each mod- ule in a string, along with lumen output, energy consumption and power supply requirements. Individual sign character- istics can vary dramatically. Can depth, face material, internal obstructions and internal reflectivity can all affect the illumination of the face of the sign. Be aware that it may be necessary to make some field adjustments to the layouts provided, adding, subtracting or repo- sitioning modules to deliver the desired illumination results. Closing Cabinet sign lighting retrofits repre- sent a huge, virtually untapped market that we are just starting to realize. Unlike many other types of retrofits, the cabi- net sign lighting retrofit industry is only now ramping up, with millions existing signs still waiting to be changed. With a little research, information and experi- ence, cabinet sign lighting retrofits will add valuable revenue and profits to your bottom line for years to come. SDG Energy rebates can reduce the upfront cost of a cabinet sign retrofit from 50 percent (of the material cost) to 75 percent (of the entire job). THE ROAD AHEAD Times have changed, so has the Sign industry and the way we do business. With new government regulations Wilkie helps you keep ahead of the curve with the new Wilkie innovative products with the sign professional in mind. The Wilkie Model 52XLR is a prime example of this 52' two man rotating platform with a storable jib winch in the basket and a mainline winch that stores when not in use mounted on a non CDL truck, Wilkie helps you keep ahead of the curves in life that come your way. 405-235-0920 Phone 405-236-3324 Fax WILKIE Mfg., L.L.C.

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