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7 15 Issue 75 / 2015 FILM Suicide Squad director David Ayer shares first snap of the Clown Prince of Crime We've come over all comic book this month, what with the release of the new Avengers and all, so now we're bringing you the first glimpse of Suicide Squad's Joker, played by Jared Leto. Director David Ayer posted the terrifying photo on Twitter to mark the villain's 75th anniversary. Green hair, metal teeth, ghostly pale, tatted up and sporting a nightmare- inducing grin – we've seen many a Joker over the years but it looks like Leto's version is going to be one to remember. Ayer's Joker offers more than a nod to the comic book version of the villain – the pose is a clear homage to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' 'The Killing Joke' – marking a move away from Heath Ledger's iteration. Now that DC Comics and Warner Bros are getting into the shared universe game, rumours of a crossover or two are doing the rounds on the web. The word is that Leto's Joker will cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and Ben Affleck has already been spotted on the set of Suicide Squad, so we could be seeing Bruce Wayne pop up there too. With both of these films not out until 2016, we'll just have to hope we get treated to more of these little nuggets. Jared Leto's Joker is reveaLed! coming soon Spy June 5th This action comedy caper from writer and director Paul Feig sees Melissa McCarthy play an unassuming, desk- chained CIA agent step up into the field after her partner, played by Jude Law, goes off the grid. We all know McCarthy has the comic chops to carry a movie like this, but the real reason we'll be heading to the cinema is to see Jason Statham crack some jokes in his role as a clumsy spy. Jurassic World June 12th 22 years (!) on from Jurassic Park, when everyone became legit scared of dinosaurs, Jurassic World is set in a fully-functioning dino theme park. Visitor numbers have been on the decline though, so some crazy scientists create a new attraction. Unfortunately things go a little tits up and a mutant dino gets loose. Jurassic World has a stellar cast - Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D'Onofrio, Jake Johnson Omar Sy - and we're expecting big action. Entourage June 19th Picking up right where the TV series left off, Entourage sees movie star Vince living the life with his squad Eric, Turtle and Drama. Ari Gold has moved up from super agent to studio head and finds himself bankrolling Vince's directorial debut. What could possibly go wrong? Entourage is sure to be jam-packed with jokes, but we really can't wait to do some cameo-spotting – likes of Piers Morgan, George Takei, Tom Brady, Calvin Harris, Jessica Alba, Pharrell….the film's full of them.

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