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7 17 Issue 75 / 2015 TECHNOLOGY The besT avaTar apps 1. MyIdol Do you want a creepy avatar of yourself pole dancing or lifting weights? You do? Well MyIdol is the app for you. You basically upload a mugshot and the app makes a mini-moving body with your selfie on. The instructions are all in Chinese, so it might take few goes to get it right, and you will very possibly end up with some weird features by accident, but it's all part of the fun. 2. FuTuraMa head-In-a-Jar creaTor We may not be in the 31st century, but one of the things featured in Futurama is already (kind of) with us. Thanks to this app you can have your own head in a jar! And there's no need to stop at human heads, because you can create custom alien and robot heads which all sit in your personal Head Museum. You can even put them to good use; they make for great caller ID pics. 3. phoTo skeTch Ok this is a pretty simple one; Photo Sketch lets you turn a photo of yourself into a sketch. Yep, that's your lot. This little app converts your snaps into mini works of art thanks to its package of image effects filters. So we've covered literally everything it can do, but it's worth a go because it does do it pretty damn well (and we definitely cannot sketch in real life). 4. bITFace Again, another one that's super simple but very effective. Bitface basically creates 8-bit avatars out of your selfies, perfect for those who are feeling the retro vibe or those who just want to pixelate their face a little bit. If you want to 8-bit your whole body you'll have to move to another 8-bit avatar generation site, but this app is perfect for a quick profile pic swap. Chinese app MyIdol has taken us all by surprise and become a social media sensation this month - weird animated versions of celebrities have surely popped up on your timelines – so in honour of this we're presenting you with our fave avatar apps

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