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27 Issue 75 / 2015 HOUSE/ TECHNO How's life treating you at the moment? Hello, thanks you very good indeed. I just started touring after my holiday, so I am fresh and in a good mood. You're obviously a huge name in house music but can you tell us a bit about how you got started in music? Did you always want to be a DJ growing up? As a kid I wanted to be professional football player, as a young guy I wanted to be film director but then I discovered DJing and from that moment I was sure that this is what I want to do. "Music is Moments" has become your motto, can you explain what you mean by that? How does that philosophy impact your productions? Before I started to DJ or to produce I was always on the dancefloor dancing. And I guess it comes from that time. The most magical thing is when music becomes a moment, a special moment, a moment that people share and experience, I guess music is the most sudden art form. Painting, sculpting or writing are great art forms of course, but to unite people who all feel the same in a very special moment, this is music. How has the BBC Radio 1 residency experience been? It's been great so far, I mean it's a big honour to be chosen by BBC Radio1, so for me it's big, big fun to compile once a month the music that I discovered. And of course I hope the listeners feel the same too. The Solomun +1 parties have just been announced, are you excited to get back to Pacha this summer? Of course, it's always a little like coming home. I'm excited for the summer. How did you go about choosing who would play with you for this series? Some of my +1-artists I've known a long time, some of them not so long but all of them have something in common; absolute passion for the music and for the party. You're also making your Cocoon debut this year, what have you got planned for that? Tough question, I have to impress Sven Väth, this will be hard enough! What's your all-time best Ibiza moment? Every Sunday, when I land in Ibiza after a stressful weekend for my night at Pacha. This always gives me new energy. You've got a few festivals scheduled this summer, which ones are you particularly excited about? Diynamic festivals in Amsterdam, Buenos Aires and Brazil. Any plans to take the Diynamic Festivals to new countries next year? Yes, in Istanbul later this year. And some more ideas, but not to be announced yet. What have you been cooking up in the studio? When can we expect some new music from you? I just released a remix for UK band Liu Bei on 2DIY4, then a remix for Paul Kalkbrenner will come out soon, and also a remix for US indie giants Interpol. Then at least one EP on Diynamic is planned, so there will be some new music. And what exciting releases have you got up coming on Diynamic? A compilation with my favourite remixes, EP of Kollektiv Turmstrasse, EP from Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul, one of our new artists, and some new stuff from me. What are you listening to right now? Thyladomid's debut album Interstellar Destiny. What's the first record you bought? OST of Beatstreet. What's your go-to track to get a crowd really going? Ray Kajioka - 'Never Ending'. What would your superpower be and what would you do with it? To make food out of no matter what so I can cure the hunger in the world. If you could fill a swimming pool with anything, what would it be? Water of course! Come on, it's a swimming pool. I want to swim in it. Solomun + 1 runs every Sunday throughout the summer at Pacha, Ibiza. INTERVIEW SolomuN Solomun has played an integral role in shaping European house music in recent years with standout productions and remixes, and consistently stellar DJ sets. With the Solomun +1 showcases in Ibiza, the Diynamic label boss holds one of the most exciting residencies on the island and has made Pacha his own. Ahead of the summer season, we caught up with Solomun for a quick chat " The most magical thing is when music becomes a moment, a special moment, a moment that people share and experience" Interviewed by: Christina Dean

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