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7 33 Issue 75 / 2015 DNB Jumpin Jack Frost, a true drum & bass legend, was at the forefront of the rave scene when it exploded in the late eighties/ early nineties. He sat down with us to talk about his memories of the seminal tune 'We Are i.e' and the old days of drum & bass OK so we're gonna take it back to 1990. What was your life like back then? 1990 was a pretty cool time for me because I'd just started playing at a lot of big parties on the rave scene. Like I'd just come from being a boy in Brixton to starting to play these massive parties. Life was pretty surreal, I started flying around the world playing at mega parties, my whole life had turned upside down. It happened kinda quick, from '88, '89 then '90, bang! And it started blowing up from there. Can you remember the first tune of what that they would now call hardcore? The first tune that really got me was Armando 'Land of Confusion', that was a hard acid kinda tune. That just got me, from there I was hooked. I wanted to find all other records that sounded like that. That's where my journey started. Do you remember when you first heard the tune 'We Are i.e'? That was a turning point because it was the first time that I heard a tune produced from London, the UK, with the breaks and the hip hop vibes that we'd all grown up on. It triggered so many emotions. That record came out at such a cool time, it made such a statement and it spawned this whole generation of other tunes with that breakbeat sound that went on to become what we know now as drum & bass jungle. Being such a mega DJ at the time and being from London, were you acting like a bit of an ambassador for that tune? I don't know, I didn't see myself, or ever have seen myself as an ambassador, I just played good music. And that record at the time stood out, it's a tune I've played all over the world. I never saw myself as an ambassador because at the time there were so many other tunes as well that deserved the same kind of recognition. But that tune definitely stood out for its time. Over the years 'We Are i.e' has become a symbol of the rave culture, of the rave scene, from the old original version to the remix out now. It still gets the same reaction, even people who weren't raving at the time it came out recognise the tune. Everyone knows the tune 'We Are i.e'. Do you think it had an effect on music after that? Definitely. 'We Are i.e' spawned so many replicas of the way it was programmed, the way the tune was made, it became a benchmark of how you make that kind of music, drum & bass. It spawned a whole generation of producers and enthusiasts. " The first tune that really got me was Armando 'Land of Confusion', that was a hard acid kinda tune...from there I was hooked" INTERVIEW JumpIN JACk FRosT Interviewed by: Oshi

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