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General election 2015 7 5 Issue 75 / 2015 GUESTLIST Polling is bullshit This election has shown that all those opinion polls and think-tank surveys mount up to nothing because all the pre election polls turned out to be off the mark. Like waaaaay off. The tight race that everyone had predicted, and had the media and big businesses running scared, never materialised. When the exit polls came in, strongly suggesting a Conservative majority, no one could quite believe it, and all that coalition talk went out the window. Cameron doesn't have to move house David Cameron has avoided the faff of moving out of Number 10 because the Conservatives won a majority and he's still Prime Minister. And it's even better for him this time round because he won't have those pesky Lib Dems to contend with. RIP Coalition. Cameron's gone for a bit of a cabinet shake-up too, rewarding his loyal MPs with the top jobs, and demoting those that caused him headaches throughout the campaign – Grant Shapps we're looking at you. It was total wipeout for the Liberal Democrats The Lib Dems got completely annihilated. All of their MPs can now fit into two taxis, that's how badly this election went for them. It's the price they've paid for getting into bed with the Tories and breaking all of their promises. Nick Clegg resigned as party leader, unsurprisingly, so now it's up to someone else to dig them out of the enormous hole they're in. Labour didn't fare too well either It was a very bad day at the office for Ed Miliband on election night. Many have called out Miliband, including his own brother, for ignoring the middle classes with his campaign. He went with a strongly Left manifesto, the most Left the party has seen since the late 80s, and it didn't work. And he's got an 8ft stone tablet and nowhere to put it. He also resigned and promptly flew off to Ibiza to have it large with his wife. A new Labour leader won't be chosen until September, but a number of MPs have thrown their hat into the ring, including Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham, Chuka Umunna and Liz Kendall. Scotland has turned yellow Nicola Sturgeon's SNP was on fire this election, winning 56 out of 59 seats and virtually wiping Labour red off of the Scottish landscape. The SNP are now officially the third largest party in Parliament and you can bet that they are going to make their voices heard. We haven't been able to get rid of Farage Nigel Farage didn't get elected - he lost the South Thanet seat to the Conservatives – so he won't personally be in Parliament, but his resignation as UKIP party leader was rejected, so we'll still have to see his toady face in the media. After all the campaigning, speculating, polling and voting, we have the same government as we did before. Well mostly. We take a look at the results of the #GE2015 youtube channel "Guestlist" Kingpin Ne-Yo See who has been dropping in with us! DJ Yoda

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