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7 7 Issue 75 / 2015 GUESTLIST It's a KIlburn tIng: Carlton tavern to be rebuIlt The owners of the demolished Carlton Tavern must rebuild it brick by brick Council chiefs have told Tel Aviv-based developed CLTX Ltd that they must "recreate in facsimile the building as it stood immediately prior to its demolition", after the company knocked down the pub to make way for luxury flats, despite the fact that the planning application for the development had been rejected. The demolition of the Carlton Tavern, the only building in Carlton Vale to survive The Blitz, took place just days before the pub was to be recommended as a listed building. Pub staff had been told to stay at home for an inventory only to return to find the building bulldozed. Outraged local residents campaigned for the pub to be rebuilt and have received the full backing from Westminster Council, in what is thought to be the first instance of a local council ordering the reconstruction of a building from the ground up. across the capital? This subject is very close to my heart as I'll always be a DJ first and clubs are at the font line of my own career. I speak to these club owners and promoters and feel their pain. I also understand how some get it right, while others got it wrong. It's the reason why so many promoters attend conferences to get answers on what's hot and what's coming next to enable them to keep their finger on the pulse of what's happening out their in club land. It's very easy to lose track of this and fall into manufactured hype, and this is where costly mistakes can happen and put you out of business. You've been DJing and producing for many years, can you pick out some highlights? There's been a couple for me that stand out. One, remaking Simple Minds' 'Belfast Child', we sent this off to Virgin Music and were surprised when the actual band replied wanting to make this an official collaboration - John 00 Fleming vs Simple Minds. The second, getting Jean Michele Jarre's blessing to remake his classic 'Oxygene'. You recently held JOOF Editions event at KOKO in London, how did that go? And what do you have planned for the other JOOF events? It was amazing! Considering we were up against a lot of competition on the same night with John Digweed at Heaven, Carl Cox at Fabric and the Above & Beyond concert in Brixton we still rammed the place, so we're super proud. Yes we'll 100% be doing another in London along with our usual world tours. Have you got any exciting releases or projects coming up on JOOF Recordings that you want to tell us about? My next JOOF Editions mix compilation will be released in June, again it will be a 4-hour mix. Last year's hit number 5 in the main Beatport chart, not bad for an underground filled album! What are your plans after BMC? Playing at any festivals? As usual, non-stop touring especially around my mix compilation and of course festival season never stops for me, especially when the southern hemisphere heads into their summer as we go into winter. Just means a non-stop summer for me! What are you listening to right now? LBC 97.3 news! What's the first record you bought? Madness - 'The Prince'. Don't ask why, and what made me buy it. As a kid I seemed to be obsessed with rummaging through vinyl at markets, and this track caught my attention. What's your go-to track to really get a crowd going? They change all the time, I get bored really easy and that 'go-to' track will keep changing. I don't like to be predictable. Follow @SkinsCondoms for music to make love to Never go in without a SKIN

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