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Danny Savage took some time out to tell us about the amazing journey he and his team have been on in the past year. How's life treating you at the moment? Yes great thank you. I have an amazing 6-month-old baby boy called Felix who just lights up my life every day, and Igloo Disco is also blossoming so right now I couldn't be happier. Can you tell us a little more about Igloo Disco? Where did the idea come from? Initially the idea spawned from the now legendary I-Scream Van. I bought the vintage Ford Ice Scream Van back in 2007 and spent a lot of time updating it, and then turning it into a portable DJ booth. It was an instant hit and in the summer of 2008 we spent all our time travelling around UK festivals. So it was a natural progression… I-Scream Van DJ Booth to Inflatable Igloo marquees. How involved are you with what happens inside the igloo? Do you have your own party/DJ team or do you book people to come and play? Well the staff at Igloo Disco have their own passionate interests in music, and even a couple of them DJ themselves so we are never too far away from a DJ to supply at our events. However I used to promote a successful club night for many years before I set up Igloo Disco so I can of course look to book a guest DJ should this be a request of our client. I also take charge of all theming and nurturing each event to ensure we offer the client something unique and tailored to their requirements, and I am the first point of contact on the day. What's the best party or function that you've catered for? Secret Garden Party in 2014 was an especially memorable event for us, and the Igloo Project in September 2014 was also a very special party. We love to provide unique pop- up event solutions for festivals, private events, weddings, themed events and more so we find every event we visit, our unique inflatable igloos give it the edge. What festivals are you covering this summer? Any that you're particularly excited to hit? This summer we are lucky enough to be visiting a lot of UK festivals. You can catch us at Little Monsters Festival, 8th & 9th August at Hop Farm in Kent. May sees us hit Alfresco Festival on the 24th in Blackpool and Outbreak Festival on the 23rd & 24th at Donington Park. Then next at Atsmosfield on the 30th May at Peel Park, Salford. June we move onto Manchester University who are hiring the I-Scream Van DJ Booth on the 4th. And we hit Xstatic Festival on the 27th June in Swadlincote in Derbyshire. And that's just the public events we have booked in! If you could set up an Igloo Disco anywhere in the world, where would it be? Well there are a few places I have dreamt to take the Igloo. On planet earth I would love to have an Igloo Disco in Ibiza, Thailand, Croatia and even Iceland or Greenland - somewhere where our Igloo would be fitting to the environment. Recently however we discovered the future of structures on Mars, and they are inflatables. So ideally I would love and Igloo Disco on Mars, though I may have to wait a long time for that! Have you had the chance to take Igloo Disco international yet? Not yet, though we do have some ideas in the pipeline. You will have to watch this space for Igloo Disco International! What are the secrets to throwing the perfect party? Well hard work, good organisation, passion, dedication, time management and the ability to live with a lack of sleep for a few days I would say are the most crucial. However creativity, the ability to stand out from the crowd and be original will always help when throwing that extra special event. Who would be on the bill for the ultimate Igloo Disco party? Wow! Well that's not an easy question as we all have our ideal line-up, so if we book the DJs we like we may not be booking what others like. Personally for me I would like Carl Cox, LCD Soundsystem, Jamie Jones, Tensnake, Laura Jones, Adam Shelton, Dungeon Meat Live - the list is endless really. That's just the house contingent! What's the best thing about working in events? Providing a good time for people and that weekend release from the typical 5 day working work. Seeing the smiles on people's faces as they leave all their troubles behind whilst they have a good old dance makes all the hard work worth while. What are your plans for the future? Where will Igloo Disco be in five years? Well in the past year we have grown four fold, so more of the same would be perfect for us. However in the longer term we see ourselves as a regular outfit at many UK festivals and also branching out into international markets and events. The future is definitely bright for Igloo Disco. 8 Issue 75 / 2015 GUESTLIST Igloo Disco is a unique and innovative pop event space that caters for all types of outdoor showcases. From weddings to corporate events, to festivals and birthday parties, Igloo Disco can provide and amazing experience for all. Living the dream: igLoo disco

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