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July 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 21 factory rear brake systems from these vehi- cles, because the vehicles are coming with nice, large brake systems and it saves the customer a few bucks not having to buy a new brake system. With most of these rear ends, they are just plug-and-play. The installer does not even have to crack a brake line or bleed the brake system." On the racing side, Mark Williams, president of Mark Williams Enterprises, mentions the move to larger ring and pin- ions for drag race applications, and par- ticularly 10-inch "larger-diameter gears for extended life." Be Careful Next, we asked about the most com- mon mistake shops make when selecting a rear end setup for their customers. Winters Performance makes rear ends for oval track racing, and Beaver Winter, sales manager, tells us, "What I can answer is that the most common mistake that we see when selecting a rear end is not select- ing the correct rear end for the intended application. For example, the wrong dif- ferential, the wrong material, incorrect bearings, wrong ratios, etc. There are so many variables to take into consideration when selecting a rear end. The weight of the car, the intended application and the horsepower play into the selection." Williams agrees, referencing "the right components for the amount of power and type of abuse." "Super-high-powered cars need a float- ing rear end," he adds. "Customers have a tendency to overpower the parts that they are using—not understanding the limita- tions of each setup/application. Match horsepower to the correct components." Sometimes, it's not about knowing the vehicle as much as the market and what is available for that vehicle. When selecting a rear end setup, it's important shops choose the right components for the amount of power and type of abuse the vehicle is expected to experi- ence. (Photo courtesy Mark Williams Enterprises) New rear end setups include plug-and-play options that can utilize high-quality stock brake systems. (Photo curtesy Currie Enterprises)

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