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July 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 23 "Not educating themselves properly on what is on the market for the vehicle," is what Shephard believes is the most common mistake. "A client recently called me about a modern FJ Cruiser that someone had put in a 9-inch with 1970s technology, GM rear disc brakes installed. The consumer was unhappy because the vehicle would not stop. If the builder had done more research, he would have seen that the FJ's ample factory brakes, ABS and axle bearings could have been retained with one of our units. The vehicle would have worked fantastic and driven just like it did stock, at less cost to the shop and the customer. The market is huge right now—a little research can reveal some great products out there." Ins & Outs Moving off the sales floor and into the shop, we asked for some tips on making installations easier. Currie's Shephard suggests, "Order the units as complete as possible from the rear end manufacturer. Chances are that manu- facturer offers every clip, line and cable that you need for a clean, simple installation. It saves the installer time and costs the con- sumer less money if the installer is not out chasing small parts for days, trying to get the unit to work properly." The market is huge right now—a little research can reveal some great products out there. Mark Williams' Williams agrees, recommending shops "buy all of the pieces from a single source. Don't mix and match parts." To be known as a complete rear end shop, businesses must understand the seasonal nature of the market, he adds. Offering standard maintenance services can keep sales steady throughout the year. "And if you are starting from scratch, then this might be a good time to get started for next year." Shephard believes this may be a good time for shops to focus on the rear end market as well. "We have gotten to an age in time and the economy where a large portion of the people that are financially able to participate in the hobby have money and just want a cool car," he says. "A vast majority of them are not old-school, dirt-under-the-fingernails car guys that enjoy reaping the pride and benefits of all their hard (Photo courtesy Currie Enterprises)

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