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PERFORMANCE Rear Ends Made Easy Brian Shephard, marketing director of Currie Enterprises, says his company has had success with its new line of Crate Rear Ends. We had a chance to see them in action on a project vehi- cle, a 1940 Ford convertible. The owner had a very common goal in mind—classic looks, but with modern equipment. Early Fords such as this '40 came with what is called a "buggy spring" mounted across the frame. Modern updates called for a Chassis Engineering kit that would hang a new rear end on leaf springs. The kit is easy and can be installed via fasteners or weld- ing in place. It comes with new springs, all the brackets needed, spring perches, U-bolts, shackles and even shocks. For the rear end, a Currie 9-inch Ford was selected. The system came with disc brakes, shock mounts installed and gear set with axles. Like they say, it's plug-and-play. These few photos show just how easy it is to convert common old frames to newer rear suspension and a new rear end. The sequence is to strip off all the old parts, clean the frame and locate all the mounting plates as per the instructions. Some of the holes are easy to locate as they relate to existing holes and points on the frame. Once they are all in correctly, the new rear end can go in, all but ready to go. It's a procedure that can be done by both car owners and shops with happy results for all. Tackling a rear end job may seem imposing, but new systems such as Currie Enterprises' Crate Rear End setup solve many of the most common chal- lenges, allowing for simple "plug-and-play" installation. 24 n Performance & Hotrod Business n July 2015

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