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PERFORMANCE T here aren't many products that have had to adapt with the times quite so rapidly as performance brakes. Time was when brake systems were rarely seen or heard from, but only asked to do the job they were assigned to from the factory. That's recently changed on two fronts. First, the extreme power increases on today's performance vehicles—from daily drivers to track-ready beasts—has meant that brakes now need to do their job much better, and stay cool doing it. New designs, new materials and new accessories have all helped add stopping power to match higher horsepower. And secondly, thanks to large, open wheel designs, brake systems have become an aesthetic, as well as a utilitarian, upgrade. Not only do they have to stop well, but they need to look good doing it. Thankfully, today's manufacturers are up to the task, working to improve brake systems and their accessories at an amazing rate. To keep pace, we checked in with a few to see what's hot, what's happening, and how shops can make the most of brake system upgrades for their customers. Classic Performance Products Inc. (CPP) Placentia, California Ron Duncan Marketing Our hottest performance brake product for 2015 is … … although we have had them avail- able for a little over a year, one of our most popular items still this year would be our HydraStop Hydraulic Assist Systems. Its best features include … … these units are assisted by hydraulics from the power steering system, so they require no vacuum to actuate. The units are also compact and offer superior stop- ping assist, with pressures up to 1,800 psi. An outside factor currently affecting the performance brake market is … … I would say that the wheel market has been for years and still continues to PumP Brakes Stopping power is in demand, so be sure your customers know they have options. Compiled by Jef White the 26 n Performance & Hotrod Business n July 2015

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