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July 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 27 influence the performance brake market. Also, the Pro-Touring and autocross indus- tries are playing a role in where companies like CPP need to be paying attention to. The biggest difference in the perfor- mance brake market today as compared to 10 years ago is … … options. Ten years ago there were far fewer options available in the perfor- mance brake market. Many of the things that continue to affect this industry are providing opportunities for new and improved options. An easy way for shops to increase per- formance brake product sales is to … … do your homework and ask ques- tions. Knowing what people in the indus- try are doing and the options that are avail- able for their customers will provide great opportunities to increase sales. Also, be sure to communicate what your customer's goals are for their vehicle, what size wheels they are using, etc., to be able to offer the best scenario for their needs. Wilwood Engineering Camarillo, California Our hottest performance brake product for 2015 is … … Wilwood tandem master kits, with the integrally mounting combination proportioning valves, have simplified the installation and plumbing of not only a custom-look master cylinder, but the abil- ity to properly match master cylinder bore size with the rest of the brake system to provide proper output volume and pres- sure when swapping from OE-size brakes. Its best features include … … Wilwood tandem master cylinders are available in four bore sizes and three finishes. Performance enthusiasts can match the style and finish to the existing under-hood appearance of their vehicle, and at the same time select a properly matched bore size that provides the correct volume and pressure output for any given brake combination. The master cylinders are built from high-pressure aluminum die castings, offering high strength and an extreme weight reduction over OE cast iron master cylinders. These units provide the highest degree of safety as a true tandem unit with full internal separation between the front and rear fluid chambers. The integrally mounted, combination adjustable propor- tioning valve provides precise control over rear wheel brake bias, and simplifies the brake line plumbing between the master cylinder and the proportioning valve. For custom builds, or updates to older vehicles, a pressure-activated switch is included for brake light activation. The widely universal horizontal two-bolt mounting flange fits a wide range of OE mountings on both manually and vacuum- boosted applications. An outside factor currently affecting the performance brake market is … … in addition to the wheel industry creating expanded demand for "big brake" packages to complement both style and performance when much larger wheel diameters are being used, opportunities for enthusiast drivers to participate in sanctioned off-highway events has created awareness, need and demand for fortified brake system components. Autocross events, track day events, and all manner of time trial events are driving sales for higher temperature-range brake pads, higher-quality fluids, better and big- ger rotors, as well as caliper configurations that can properly manage and withstand substantially higher temperature cycles than what are normally observed during street driving. The biggest difference in the perfor- mance brake market today as compared to 10 years ago is … … at Wilwood, the biggest difference at our end is how our products are designed and manufactured as compared to 10 years ago. Advances in computer design and testing technology, materials, machining and even down to finishing processes, have all evolved. Developments in metallurgy, foundry processes and tooling, forging technol- ogy, high-precision computer-controlled machining and refined testing methods have all combined to give the ability to produce lighter, stronger, higher-preci- sion, and more-efficient products capable of meeting the current styling trends and performance demands across the full spec- trum of our racing and performance brake product lines. An easy way for shops to increase per- formance brake product sales is to … … it would be easy if every shop could hire an in-house brake specialist with the background, skills and knowledge to assist customers with custom applications and upgrades. For all the shops that do not have that luxury, aligning with suppliers and manufacturers that can provide that assistance is critical. It is also critical that they select vendors that have a thorough understanding and working knowledge of how brakes work as HydraStop Hydraulic Assist Systems are assisted by hydraulics from the power steering system, so they require no vacuum to actuate. The units are designed to be compact and offer superior stopping assist, with pressures up to 1,800 psi. (Photo courtesy Classic Performance Products Inc.)

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