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38 n Performance & Hotrod Business n July 2015 HOTROD product to replace the original, where the cores aren't available. We also offer a 16:1 manual steering gear for Mopars. They were very few-and-far-between back in the day; today we've got them brand-new on the shelf in the original- look housing. PHB: What should shops consider when selecting a steering system for their customer's project vehicle? Component selection comes down to the individual customer's needs. Some may want to maintain the original appearance, the original feel and the original ratio. Some people are really strict on their num- bers matching, which means they can't convert from manual to power, for exam- ple. So shops need to make sure they're meeting those customers' expectations. As far as power steering goes, shops need to consider whether the customer wants a standard ratio or a fast ratio. A faster ratio is going to offer a firmer feel and will deliver more road feel while they're driving. PHB: What alternatives to a com- pletely new system are available for customers with limited budgets? When it comes to play, a lot of it is going to be worn-out bearings and bush- ings. That's not something the average customer can be doing to fix themselves. Most people are replacing the steering gear because either it's leaking, it's steer- ing rough, or it has play. These are direct bolt-in and are not going to have those problems. Sometimes people will try to fix a steer- ing gear themselves, but can actually end up doing more harm than good because just replacing a seal that's leaking is often not the fix; it'll be a bandage and it'll stop the leak for a little bit of time, but it's only a matter of time before that seal comes out and it starts leaking again because of other issues that are causing the problem. For original restorations—and this goes back to the date coding—we just say you can send us your steering gear, we'll rebuild it and you'll get the exact same gearbox back. The standard rebuild includes bearings, bushings and seals. We inspect all the wear surfaces to make sure they're okay. The Performance model steering gear from Turn One is a direct bolt- in lightweight replacement for Saginaw 700 gear, featuring rack & pinion valve technology. (Photo courtesy Turn One Inc.) Steering gears for Mopar and Ford applications. (Photo courtesy Lares Corp.)

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