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44 n Performance & Hotrod Business n July 2015 HOTROD W hen John Wargo was going to Flanagan High School in Flanagan, Illinois, back in the 1980s, there was a car club in the nearby town of Pontiac. Since the club was in Pontiac, all the members of this club drove Pontiacs—Firebirds, Trans- Ams, GTOs, Tempests, Bonnevilles, etc. Wargo thought the vintage Pontiacs all driving around together and at cruise-ins were pretty cool and as he got to know more about them, he was inspired to have one to drive around in himself. "It's one of the things that initially got me started building cars," he says— because he had plenty of inspiration, but not much money. "My only option was to get something and fix it up." He says he read a lot of Hot Rod, Car Craft and similar magazines to learn as much as he could from the tech articles and to see what could be done, which he saw was a lot. That initial interest and growing knowl- edge continued through high school. By age 15, he realized fully that it would take some time and resources to build a car. And with a solid connection to Pontiacs, "I looked around and found a '75 Firebird that was decent, but needed some work." He bought it and began the trans- formation, giving it new paint, interior, wheels, tires and a few bolted-on perfor- mance parts. "When I turned 16 it was ready to roll," he says. "None of the other kids were doing that." Don't Look Back Soon enough other people noticed Wargo's Firebird and started asking ques- tions: "Who did this, who did that?" And when he answered, "I did," those questions were quickly followed by "Can you do this; can you do that to my car?" Those queries were the seeds of his future business as he started tinkering with other people's cars. "Throughout high school, I would buy a car, work on it for a couple months fixing Complete Customs John Wargo's vehicle visions always attract a crowd. John Wargo: "Our knowledge level and expertise level climb all the time. By EddiE WiEBEr

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