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July 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 49 Lately, a couple of Wargo's cars have shown up at Autorama in Detroit, includ- ing a 1962 1,000-hp Corvette roadster called Copper Topless sporting a full custom chassis and many extra body modifications. Another, a sweet 1967 Karman Ghia, with a Viper V-10 motor that also had tons of body modifications, won a "Best Engineered" award. While not winning the Ridler, the cars are definitely top contenders. "It's a goal you've got to reach for," says Wargo. "And we're building cars on a much smaller budget than a lot of those guys are, too." Wargo says he tries to bring completed projects to shows on a national level, where the customer can be part of the event. The cars are varied: muscle cars, SUVs, lowered sport trucks, etc. "They enjoy it at the event and we get exposure by having it at the show, so it works good on both ends," he says. In the Future Wargo's son Brandon, 15, is starting to get his feet wet, learning the ropes in the shop and how the business is run. "Hopefully it will be a good future for him," says Wargo, realizing that kids have to pick their own destiny. But in a bit of deja vu, and following his father's footsteps, Brandon will be spend- ing time restoring a '79 Firebird. The car is just a rolling chassis with no motor or transmission. "I'll help him build it, but he's got to do it," Wargo says. "It's how you learn." Wargo's 8-year-old daughter Brianna, (nicknamed Beemer, because her initials are BMW), also has designs on taking over the shop someday. "She's up here all the time, always ask- ing questions. In the future, hopefully, my son and daughter will be happy to help take over," he says. "You never know. We'll see how things grow from here." Wargo says he's not afraid of change. And there are plenty of changes coming all the time in the custom car-building business that incorporate the newest tech- nologies: fuel injection, LS swaps, audio systems, phone integrating, and HID and LED headlights and taillights. "We love doing that kind of upgrade," he says. "I think that helps us strive to be better; we have to change with the way everything else changes and I think that helps us to be stronger." For now, he believes things are going as well as can be expected. "We're just as strong now as we ever have been," he says. "I feel like our knowl- edge level and expertise level climbs all the time; we're never afraid to learn more, try new tools. We don't see any end to The Custom Shop in the near future, that's for sure." Custom paint work is our primary specialty, just because it's something people see a lot of. Interactive price guide, on-line ordering software Sponsor of: Like Us On Maximum Braking Power Race Proven, Street Legal Brake Pad Technology, Hawk's unique Ferro-Carbon Compound increase braking performance 20-40% over stock pads. Maximum braking power, low dust and whisper-quiet performance from your first stop to the last. Get Your Hawk Performance At Motor State! 7-15_PB_Hawk_MotorState_HalfPage.indd 1 5/21/15 9:35 AM

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