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52 n Performance & Hotrod Business n July 2015 HOTROD The floorboard rises to connect to the roll bar behind the seats, creating the look of a waterfall center console. Mesmerized by Recoil, especially its sparse-yet-immensely-detailed interior, we sat down to chat with the guys about the project, their thoughts on the aftermar- ket industry and, most importantly to us, what they think about the craft of auto upholstery. Despite all their success, we discovered that Mike and Jim are two modest, down- to-earth guys who not only have a passion for cars, but a profound respect for our craft. What follows is a transcript of our interview: 1. Car builders and owners often focus the majority of their attention and bud- gets on vehicles' exteriors and drivetrains at the expense of interiors. In your opin- ion, how important is the interior of a car compared to those other elements? Mike: I think from our first car, we were all about the interior and you nailed it. Everybody's out of gas, everybody's out of money and the poor interior guy gets (squat)… But to me, it makes or breaks the car. It separates a really nice build from one that's just a cut above. It's all about the interior, in my mind. The interior is more bolts than stitches. Material is used at a minimum—just to pad your body and where you grab the handle to get out of the car.

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