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July 2015 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 55 Yeah, the attention to detail really blew my mind. You're defi- nitely blazing a new trail with this "refined racecar" look, which, to me, actually seems more difficult to pull off, because there aren't many examples to reference. How did you come up with such an innovative design? Mike: That's exactly what we wanted to create. The pattern was hard because we wanted simple. With water transfer, you can make any pattern you can think of, but we didn't want a carbon fiber look. We wanted something to be like a texture of a material where (you touch it and think to yourself ) "what is that?" That is so cool that you picked up on all that. 7. Had you trimmed "Recoil" with a traditional hot rod interior— leather seats, door panels, headliner, console—do you think the car would have stood out from the crowd the way it has? Mike: Do I feel that the car would have had the same reception? No. I think that interior in that Chevelle put it over the top and separated us from a lot of cars. Not that I feel like we built a better car than anyone. I don't want to sit and bang our chest like we're the best car builders, because that's not the case. What I feel we did is trend a new thing and that's what we intended to do. Jim: I actually think you are going to see a lot more of this now. It always tends to happen and I think that's kind of cool. 8. Let's talk about "Recoil's" seats. They're definitely a one-off design. What was your inspiration and are they comfortable? Jim: Shawn, one of our fabricators in our shop, made the seats from scratch. He is a phenomenal craftsman. We mocked this car up with a Recaro Expert M style seat. Blair-708-qtr-HRR.indd 1 1/3/14 2:17:14 PM

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