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56 n Performance & Hotrod Business n July 2015 Basically, we built the seats off of all of the geometry of a Recaro Expert M, but did it all in metal instead of material. That's really how it came about with the bolsters; all of it ends up in the same spots of your body. They are actually relatively comfortable except for the bottom cushion. We have obviously not had enough time to get it all done, so there are some tweaks, but they're pretty dang comfort- able seats. They hit you in all the right spots. 9. I take it that you guys know a lot about the technical side of upholstery then, right? Because if you're fabricating seats from scratch, you have to know about allowances, angles, heights and clearances. Jim: Right. Mike: We have learned a lot of that through Steve, yeah. Because we want to know the thicknesses of the door panel and how will we shut the door. We don't want to get where the door doesn't shut or it hits the dash because they didn't leave you enough room to clear the dash when they built it. Jim: I think all car builders have been there. I mean, we've been there. Mike: Every build we try to get smarter by addressing those issues, because they can become huge at the end. To (not) make clearances for that really can hinder the style of an interior because it looks like, "Oh (bleep), I've got to cut the whole door panel out so the door can shut in the dash." 10. Do you guys have any favorite upholsterers or upholstery shops? Are there any trimmers you haven't worked with that you would like to work with in the future? Jim: You know, we are very happy with the guy we got. He became part of our team and as long as Steve can continue to do it like he does, I think we are pretty content. We don't see the grass being greener; we're happy where we're at and honestly I think we're more on the leadership side of the interior of the cars than the following side, so I'm pretty happy where we're at. Guys, we really appreciate your time. Mike: Oh, it was good. Jim: That was good! The Hog Ring is the auto upholstery industry's news website and online community. Visit to network and connect with other auto upholstery shops. HOTROD

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