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July 2015 n PRECISION ENGINE n 11 matched to your choice of reluctor wheel (24- or 58-tooth). Basically, the OE LS cranks are identi- cal and will install in all LS blocks, (vari- ances exist in terms of stroke; and engines that were originally fitted with dry-sump oil systems will feature a longer snout). Aftermarket cranks are available in a range of strokes to suit your planned build, based on deck height, rod length and piston compression distance. Regardless, one of the features common to all is the need for a toothed reluctor wheel. The only exception is for those builds that will feature both a carburetor and a distributor. Such conversions from electronically managed ignition to a dis- tributor are less popular, primarily due to the high cost of the parts needed to uti- lize a distributor, (this involves a unique distributor housing, a unique camshaft or cam nose gear extension, a unique water pump and a new pulley system). Whether you plan to reuse the OE crankshaft that was included in your new or used engine, or if you plan to install an aftermarket performance crankshaft, you may run into a situation where the reluctor wheel must be serviced. Perhaps the origi- nal tone wheel is damaged (teeth missing or bent), or maybe you have a crank with a 24-tooth wheel and you want to switch to a 58-tooth wheel, or possibly the new crank that you bought does not include an already-installed wheel. Most aftermarket crank makers will sell their LS cranks with the wheel already installed, but you can run into a situation where the wheel is sold separately. Here we'll explain the procedure involved in installing a reluctor wheel. It's not a simple matter of hammering the wheel onto the rear of the crank. The tone wheel must be indexed correctly to Tone wheels are available in both 24-tooth (LS1/LS6 ver- sions) and 58-tooth (Gen IV/ LS2). Selecting the tooth count depends on your ECU (if you plan to use an OE harness and computer) or an aftermarket timing control module. The two need to match; if you have a 24-tooth wheel, you need a controller for a 24-tooth wheel. The same goes for the 58-tooth wheel. If you have your controller, then you need to buy the correct tone wheel to match up to the controller. An excellent source for a tone wheel installa- tion tool is Goodson Shop Supplies. Its reluctor wheel installation tool, (Goodson refers to this as its RRJ-350 Reluctor Ring Jig) allows an easy and precise tone wheel installation to the crankshaft. 8 M a s o n • I r v i n e , C A 9 2 6 1 8 • 7 1 4 - 8 9 8 - 9 7 6 3 • i n f o @ j e p i s t o n s . c o m CUSTOM PISTONS If you need high quality custom pistons quickly, look no further! JE can manufacture a custom set of forged pistons for your engine in as little as 5 days! We also offer the fasted standard delivery in the industry! • Billet or forged pistons • Forgings available for hundreds of applications • Piston coatings available • Expedite services available The largest off-the-shelf forged piston selection and shortest custom lead time anywhere! OFF-THE-SHELF PISTONS We added nearly 600 new part numbers to our 2015 catalog! Looking for a high quality forged piston on a budget? SRP and SRP Professional Pistons provide the same premium quality at an affordable price! • Nearly 3,000 shelf piston part numbers • Over 3,000 piston ring part numbers • 98% fill rate • 264 New SRP part numbers for 2015 2 WEEK S T A N D A R D D E L I V E R Y JE_Perf_Bus_1_2Page_Layout 1 3/4/15 3:20 PM Page 1

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