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20 Issue 76 / 2015 TECHNOLOGY New emojis for 2016! 38 new emojis are scheduled to hit our screens in June next year Fresh off the back of the latest emoji update, the news has broken that we can expect a whole new batch of icons next year. A selfie emoji, a shrug, a drooling face, left and right fists (perfect for virtual fist bumps), and a "call me" hand are all amongst the new bunch. There's also a new version of the red dress dancing lady, complete with baby bump, offering a whole new way to break the news. And there are a few that we definitely don't need - Mother Christmas and clown face, we're looking at you. However, food is where the real action is. We're finally getting both bacon and avocado emojis. AMEN. Now we'll be able to describe brunch without having to resort to words. A cucumber emoji is also slated to arrive, so the aubergine is going to be under some stiff competition. The biggest controversy though – still no taco or burrito emojis. This is a heinous oversight from Unicode Consortium, especially when you consider that they are giving us a croissant icon. The feature-length documentary focuses on the Soho salon Cuts, which was launched by James Lebon in 1979 and has been at the forefront of style and subculture ever since. It was the place club kids went to get their hair done and David Bowie, Goldie, Sacha Baron Cohen, Steve McQueen, Neneh Cherry, the Beastie Boys, Guy Ritchie and Sean Penn have all had their barnets done there. The documentary focuses on the social and political change that has affected Cuts and the Soho community over the last 18 years, from the 80s punk scene to the AIDS epidemic to the arrival of New Labour. As Lewis has said, "History reveals itself through the salon. You meet the most extraordinary people sitting on the sofas. It really brings people together, and people have great conversations." She needs to raise £43,000 to bring the film to completion and release, and rewards range from special Cuts mugs to haircuts at the salon to executive producer credits. CrowdfuNdiNg: CuTs doCumeNTary Filmmaker Sarah Lewis has been working on CUTS for nearly 20 years

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