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How's it going? What have you been up to recently? Yeah all good, thanks. I just got back from a weekend in Berlin. I played for an Electronique party at the House Of Weekend. Had a great time plus managed to head to Berghain for a steady 6 hours to see DVS1 and Makam. You played at the Magna Carta Ibiza send-off party, how was that for you? This was a huge party and the line up was ridiculous. Got to spend some time with some of my good DJ mates too. It was busy from the word go, which always gets the vibe going. Tell us a bit about how you started DJing and producing. I started like everyone really, it was just as a passion. Then as I learnt more it became possible for it to become a career. I love many genres of music and it inspires me everyday. I read that you studied music theory and music writing, do you think that this has made you a better producer? Yeah I studied music at college and university. More recently I have started piano lessons to help me develop the more musical side to my work. It definitely helps to make you a better a producer because you have fewer limitations. Who would you say your biggest influences are? Kerri Chandler, Machinedrum, Loco Dice, Steve O'Sullivan & Moderat. You spent a season in Ibiza back in 2007, would you say this was a turning point for you? It was definitely the point where I decided I wanted to commit myself to the music. It put all my other interests and hobbies on the side-line for what I wanted to do. You were selected for Emerging Ibiza by Darius Syrossian, that must feel pretty great right? Yeah it's great to be involved with Emerging Ibiza and I have to thank Darius for picking me. Any other Ibiza slots scheduled this summer? Yeah I have a date at Magna Carta, 19th September. You've already released on some major labels – Hot Creations, Avotre, MadTech, Moon Harbour, VIVa MUSiC – is having your own label a goal of yours? Yeah I have a few label goals but to tell you about them would be to give the game away. I'm directly involved with Avotre now, which is exciting as I hope to become a stable label artist for them alongside Santé, Sidney Charles and Darius Syrossian. Your Lost Records EP has just come out, can you tell us the inspiration behind the record? This one is getting some good feedback. I wanted to make pure club tracks for the Ibiza summer. I think they work really on the dance floor. You gave Fame Music '10 Steps to Remix Success', but I want to ask what's your number one piece of advice for all those aspiring producers out there? How can they get noticed? Make good music and network. Make sure you're polite and you communicate your music across in a professional manner. Any other exciting projects coming up that you want to tell us about? I have a joint EP with Russ Yallop coming on Avotre in July/August. Then I have a joint EP with Leftwing & Kody coming out a certain hot label very soon, and I also have EP's on Madtech and a VA on Viva Music. On Facebook you posted "Being Cera Alba just got me a bit of discount of my M&S lunch from a kind sir who was a photographer at an event I played at". Is this the best perk you've had so far? This was a pretty big event. I got like 20% of my lunch, it was sound! What are you listening to at the moment? Machinedrum – 'Now U Know Tha Deal 4 Real.' Pretty much one of my favourite tracks ever. What's the first record you bought? God knows, probably some gazzy trance stuff from like 2002. What's your go-to track to get a crowd going? I have to say either Sidney Charles – 'Cave Rave' or wAFF – 'Groover'. Both unreal tracks. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it? The power to connect electrical stuff without cables, oh and the power to remove dust from a room with the click of my fingers. If you could fill a swimming pool with anything, what would it be? Melted chocolate and my bird naked but she can't have any of the chocolate. 7 31 Issue 76 / 2015 HOUSE/ tEcHnO Cera Alba has got a busy summer ahead of him - he was selected for Emerging Ibiza Festival, he's at Magna Carta's night on the White Isle and his Lost Records EP has just dropped. His groove-filled productions tear up the dancefloor and he's already released on major labels including Avotre, MadTech and Hot Creations to name but a few. We caught up with him to talk about his Ibiza season, studying music and M&S discounts " I'm directly involved with Avotre now, which is exciting as I hope to become a stable label artist for them"

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