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7 39 Issue 76 / 2015 DNB Fuzion UK has played at and held down residencies at many clubs around the UK and hosted radio shows for Kool FM & Rinse FM. First releasing music in 2004 on Addlib Recordings, Fuzion has gone on to release for DnB Arena, Titan, Direct Recordings, Slaughter House, and Ennex Records. This year the main goal for Fuzion is to spend as much time as possible in the studio and release a lot more music, so watch this space for some Thunder Bass coming your way This is your first release for Emcee, how did it come about? Well I'd been promising Chef and GQ a release from me for ages and I had two of the tunes on the EP pretty much finished, one of the others was something I had been making and deleting for about three years, but all of a sudden it came together and they both liked it. The last one was something where I just sat down and was like "right I'm gonna write this tune and get this EP wrapped up for them" and that was that. What is your technique when it comes to making a tune? I will usually start by making the beat, the back bone of any tune. Sometimes I might have a sample that will shape the whole tune but nine times out of ten it will be the beat. A lot of the time I have the idea of the kinda tune I want to make and the sort of beat I'm gonna need for that, and get some samples and start to mess around arranging and processing them. Usually after this I will spend days, weeks and, as previously said, sometimes years working on bits, starting not really feeling it, then maybe going back in until something works. Sometimes it may just be I'll get an idea, crack on and the whole tune just unfolds nicely, but not very often. What's your most go-to piece of software? If we're talking effects processors then it would have to be the Fab Filter stuff, the Pro Q 2, especially as 99.9% of stuff is eq'd. I'd say this most definitely is my most go-to piece of software. As a DJ what excites you most? I think now with all the technology about it's a great time to be able to really do a lot more than just mix two tunes into one another, you can get creative with a set. When I play out as well as having an arsenal of tunes, I always make edits of tunes, loops and chops, so when you hear me play even though you might know the tune playing, the version that I'm playing will probably be edited in some kind of way to make it that bit more unique to my set. Especially because we don't have to carry about big heavy record boxes anymore, I turn up with my three USB's loaded with more music than I could ever carry before, with endless possibilities of tricks up my sleeve. What has been a real memory set for you in the past few years? I played the main stage of Global Gathering in 2014. It was on the Saturday and was third to play on the day, so I was thinking second day of the festival, on pretty early in the day, might be a bit dead as everyone could be smashed from the night before. When I walked up backstage the first thing I really noticed was how big the stage was, it was enormous, and looking out there was probably about 5/600 people with a few sitting around the edges and that. So, got set up and ready to come on, the DJ before was playing house. Within one minute of playing the first tune, anyone that was sitting down was on their feet and right up at the front. With the tempo picking up from house to DnB it seemed to just get everyone on it. After about 15/20 minutes I remember looking up to a sea of people that weren't there before, going absolutely mental, even the security at the front was having it. By the end of the set there was thousands there, I've played some big crowds before but there was something special about the way it built that day. Finally any shouts, big ups you wanna give? Yes, first of all to Chef, GQ for making this happen, also Lewis behind the scenes, and I'm looking forward to releasing plenty more music with these guys. Then to my crew, gotta shout out my good friend Evil B. I spend a lot of my time on the road traveling with this guy and he's absolutely killing it right now. Also my long time friend Uncle Dugs, also smashing it out there right now. Big up Faction G, K.G, Logan D, Stapleton, the list is endless, I could go on for ages. But also everyone I see week in and week out, up and down the country keeping the scene as healthy as it is. " I think now with all the technology about it's a great time to be able to really do a lot more than just mix two tunes into one another" Follow @FuzionUkay INTERVIEW FuzIoN Interviewed by: DJ Chef

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