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2 Continuing Education Special Section CONTINUING EDUCATION SPECIAL ADVERTORIAL SECTION Professional skill development is key to any sports organization F rom players to operations staff, employees of sports organizations often benefit from a broad understanding of the business and legal aspects of sports. This applies to many amateur sports programs and professional sports organizations across the United States. Those who acquire specialized skills to manage areas such as player issues, contractual processes, organizational operations and human resource management may find themselves in higher demand. There are many fields of study that apply to these areas, but none more so than Lean Six Sigma, project management, Agile contract management, human resource management and the study of business and law of sports. Lean Six Sigma Sports and statistics go hand-in-hand. Lean Six Sigma is founded in statistical analysis and is being applied to vital areas across sports organizations, from individual player performance to large scale professional operations. Applying this data-driven approach to eliminate defects gives organizations the ability to design, measure, analyze, improve and control the operations of the organization. This methodology helps reduce inefficient processes, resulting in better performance throughout the business. As Lean Six Sigma grows in demand, specialized training is needed across all divisions of an organization including staff, coaches and operations. From the basic Green Belt to the Master Black Belt certification, professionals with Lean Six Sigma training can make lasting impacts on the bottom line of their organization. Project management Sports industry projects commonly arise from three components: the sport, consumers of the sport, and merchandise related to the sport. Projects related to these parts of the sports industry typically require a deep understanding of the essentials of project management. The role of any project manager is to apply project management practices in support of the business strategy through a series of actions and activities – on time and on budget. This strategic implementation requires additional training to supplement current roles and responsibilities within sports organizations. The knowledge required to lead a project through to completion includes advanced study of plan development, scheduling and measuring results, as well as the soft skills needed for successful people-management. Agile contract management Agile contract management in sports goes beyond player and coach agreements. Employees throughout the organization may work with contracts on a daily basis. Employment agreements, facilities usage, licensing and service agreements are just a handful of the types of legal documents required to protect and operate a successful sports organization. Certified Agile contract management professionals ensure that the best practices in contract management, from requisitioning to contract closeout, are applied. This requires strong negotiation, process and practical skills to ensure the best outcome. Human resources Critical to sports managers and organizations is the management of human resources. Sports organizations produce goods and services that rely on human resources to get the job done while interacting with fans, consumers and employees. Management of this diverse workforce requires extensive knowledge of complex and advanced HR concepts such as workforce planning and employment, human resources development and the current laws and practices that balance HR with the strategic goals of the organization. Business and Law of Sports Villanova University offers a unique, 100% online Business and Law of Sports certificate program that encompasses today's real-world sports business topics, such as player safety, player health including concussions and drug use, discipline, brand/league integrity and other hot issues in the field. The course provides important training for those who want to advance and stand apart from others within amateur to professional sports leagues, association or agency, sports law office, or other organizations connected to the industry. The program was developed by and is led by Andrew Brandt, JD, NFL® business analyst for ESPN®, and former Vice President of the Green Bay Packers® and sports agent to NFL® and NBA® star players. The faculty of top experts from the legal and sports business professions understands the business and law of sports like few others. Uniquely qualified to share insights on current and developing business and legal issues, they can help sports professionals stand apart from the competition and position themselves for advancement within any sports organization. Successful organizations recognize the need for these highly trained professionals to meet strategic business and financial objectives. The ability for organizations and professionals to master areas such as Lean Six Sigma, project management, contract management, human resources and the business and law of sports is uniquely found through Villanova University's 100% online programs, where working professionals can learn in a cutting-edge online classroom designed with them in mind. Find out more today at www. or call 855-395-4336.

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