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Presidents Letter ~ June 30th

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June 30, 2015 Dear Members: On Thursday June 25th the Board of Directors reviewed the trial tee time lottery system that was in place from May 7 to June 21, 2015. We carefully examined the data and comments received from the membership to ensure all aspects of the trial were considered. Over the years our club has experienced increased demand on the tee sheet and several studies had been conducted in the past to determine how the system worked and where we could maximize fairness and equitable access to the tee for all golfing members. We have progressed from a manual ballot system to a modern computerized system that allows members to book and view their tee times online. Our rounds of golf have increased over the years and we are expected to see approximately 35,000 rounds by the end of this season. Within the seven-week trial period we did not override any of the assigned tee times that were allocated by the software. Although the system conducted lotteries for all seven days, we did not want to dilute the data with Mondays or Ladies/Men's leagues where times are reserved. We focused on Thursday to Sunday, which were mainly lottery days with high demand for the tee. Guests and member events with reserved times within the study period were not included as they are booked in advance and not part of any lottery. Nor were any post-lottery entries included. All data was collected, analysed and compared to the same time periods in 2013. It was not appropriate to use the 2014 data due to the loss of greens and lower than normal rounds of golf. Management and several Directors worked closely with our software provider to test ways to produce the closest time requested by the member to the assigned time given by the system. Within the first few weeks of the trial period we experienced some large variances that needed to be addressed. Since our rounds of golf are very high and the tee time requests on weekends are very demanding, we made some further adjustments to the lottery options in the software. This improved the results for the final two weeks of the study. Members were then receiving times closer to what they had requested and the overall variances reduced. The lottery system is very complex however I am providing a simplified explanation from our software provider to better understand how the tee times are assigned. Prior to the study the Pro Shop used a standard tee time lottery option where the computer assigned each group to their closest requested time. If the demand exceeded the available tee times, the system would then stretch everyone up and down

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