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PRODUCT SHOWCASE 36 the Groundsman August 2015 Visit for more information and digital editions Artifi cial Sports Turf Maintenance The maintenance of artifi cial sports surfaces has become increasingly important as the technology that goes into developing the pitches has improved. With investment in such surfaces running into the tens and hundreds of thousands of pounds, it is important that the lifespan of the pitches is prolonged for as long as possible. Often such pitches also become important community resources, meaning they get used seven days a week. As the quality of the pitches has improved, so has the quality of the maintenance equipment available and the range of services provided by specialist contractors. Summer is an ideal time to tend synthetic surfaces Maintaining synthetic turf surfaces can be a time-consuming job and facility managers see the closure of surfaces for maintenance as an unnecessary loss of revenue. The summer months can often bring respite to synthetic surfaces with school holidays and lighter evenings allowing non-fl oodlit natural turf surfaces to be utilised for training and matches. This downtime on the synthetic surface gives a welcome opportunity for more intensive maintenance, and is normally an ideal time to carry out a deeper clean or decompaction. Charterhouse Turf Machinery advises that the key to utilising this time is to slow the process down, not necessarily to work machinery more aggressively to attempt to achieve the same results in the same time period. Multiple passes will return better outcome while not overloading machinery or the surface. The drier summer weather will make the infi ll easier to work and the task of dust and debris extraction more rewarding. A full day of brushing in multiple directions followed by a day of cleaning with the Verti-Top can reverse the effects of missed maintenance through the busier periods. | 01428 661222 | 01428 661222 Designed for durability The Verti-Artâ„¢ range of equipment is the most comprehensive on the market to keep your Synthetic playing surface in shape. For intense maintenance the Verti-Top is one such product. It filters debris and redistributes the cleaned infill to the playing surface. During the process a powerful vacuum lifts the fine particles into a filter bag for removal and a rear brush ensures a smooth, even finish. Find out more about Verti-Artâ„¢ products today. A fantastic finish!

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