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152 | MAY + JUNE 2015 152 November 2012 85 Andover Street, Route 114, Danvers 978-774-4080 NEW TO GIBLEES! Introducing ARMANI COLLEZIONI In stock and made-to-measure. Call 978-774-4080 for an appointment with our stylist. 152 in-depth LIVE come to appreciate the system in the United States, where "it's your homework, clubs, participation, labs, tests. It all counts. Here you have to do well every single day." Yes, clubs count, especially if you founded one, as Lyu did. With the help of a St. John's Chinese teacher, he started the Chinese Ambassador's Club in which students studying Chinese have opportunities to converse and learn about Chinese traditional culture, pop culture, and history. He started it to get involved in the community. "It's not only about knowing American culture," he ex- plains. "One of my other missions is to introduce Chinese traditions to Americans and see how the collision of cultures happens." Lyu, who has been here two years, always had his heart set on coming to the United States. Even so, he admits to being lonely and sensing he wasn't a part of either world at the beginning. "I'm sure every inter- national student feels the same," he says. "We feel we don't belong anywhere. I left my home, family, friends. I didn't belong to China anymore because my feet were on American soil. I had to change my mind-set. I got encouragement from my parents and friends. We would go out, watch a movie, or just chill. I became more and more used to how things worked here. It's a completely different version of life. It's very conserva- tive in China." Locally, GPHomestay has partnered with Bishop Fen- wick High School, Masconomet Regional High School, Austin Preparatory School, Nazareth Academy, St. John's Preparatory School, and the Sparhawk School. Headquartered in Waltham, GPHomestay works with hosts and students, arranges interviews with prospec- tive families, and coordinates activities with groups and schools. International students apply through agencies in their home countries (most come from China and Korea). GPHomestay says it's an opportunity for both the schools and families in Boxford, Danvers, Peabody, Reading, Wakefield, and the surrounding areas to reach out globally without leaving their homes. Logistically, host families receive a stipend for each student and are expected to provide meals and trans- portation to and from school, or make arrangements for it, though students do come with their own insur- ance and spending money. Asked if he has advice for stu- dents contemplating coming here, Lyu says, "It's a fantastic decision to make. It's beyond your imagi- nation. Everything is different. It changes your life." GPHomestay 1025 Main St., Floor 3 Waltham 781-996-0429 CO N TAC T

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