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Does your child have an Individual Education Plan? Our children mean the world to us, so it's only logical when they are struggling at school that we want to get them the help that they need. Attorney Laura Gillis is a mother of four with personal experience in Special Education. Her intimate knowledge of Special Education law gives her unparalleled insight into the challenges and difficulties parents face. Special Education Law can be frustrating for parents and difficult to navigate. Laura and her associate attorney, Kate Welby, provide knowledgable guidance to parents who often feel lost or unsure of the options available to them. They assist parents in the IEP process and provide representation for negotiation Exceptional Care for Exceptional Children Ages 3 to 22 of change or addition of services, out of district placements, student discipline, and BSEA settlement conferences and hearings. They connect families with credentialed and highly sought after evaluators and experts. Laura's team truly cares for their clients and believes in resolving disputes as effectively and efficiently as possible to benefit the student. Every child deserves the chance to succeed at their education. Now with two locations: 27 Main Street, Topsfield 5 Militia Drive, Lexington 978-338-6611 LAURA E. GILLIS Attorneys are frequently asked, "Do I need title insurance"? Title insurance can be one of the most significant aspects of property ownership and perhaps the least understood by consumers. The concept of title is simple: It serves as proof of ownership. With your auto as example, title is what separates you from anyone else attempting to lay claim to it. However, unlike your auto where title is issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, title to your home is more complicated. At closing, you in effect receive a deed not from the state, but from the previous party holding title. It's in part because of these risks that title insurance is of such importance. Amongst other, title insurance insures against financial loss Estate Planning Medical Malpractice Civil Litigation Real Estate from defects in title. At the Law Offices of Donald J. Fournier & Associates, we leverage over 20 years of closing experience in representing buyers, sellers and lenders in all aspects of residential real estate transactions. We're here to help reduce the risks surrounding one of life's biggest investments. 33 West Main Street, Georgetown, MA 978-769-5383 DONALD J. FOURNIER S P E C I A L A D V E R T I S I N G S E C T I O N

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