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246 10 ANTIQUE APPLE VARIETIES GROWN AT SMOLAK FARMS CHENANGO STRAWBERRY Known by many as the Strawberry, it is excellent for everything from eat- ing to cooking. It's shape is long and conical, and its coloring is yellow with red stripes. SOPS OF WINE This is one of the oldest types of apples known, having originated in medieval England. Highly regarded for cooking, cider, and apple wine, it is also a good dessert apple. SHEEPNOSE The fruit is large and oblong and resembles the snout of a sheep. The sweet yellow-fleshed fruit is good for baking and stores well. MACOUN The Macoun apple is a cross between McIntosh and Jersey Black apples from Geneva, New York. It was devel- oped in 1909 and introduced in 1950, and is an excellent all-purpose apple. GALA Gala apples were developed in New Zealand. The Gala apple is considered another premium dessert apple. MCINTOSH The McIntosh apple was developed in Ontario, Canada, in 1798 and has a distinct perfume-like aroma. CORTLAND The Cortland apple was developed in Geneva, New York, in 1915. It is a cross of McIntosh and Ben Davis apples. GRANNY SMITH This popular apple came from a seed- ling grown from apples owned by Mrs. Thomas Smith of New South Wales, Australia. It is large, bright green, crisp, and juicy. Suitable for cooking, cider making, sauce, and dessert. YELLOW NEWTON This apple is so historically deli- cious that Queen Victoria lifted the tax on its import. Thomas Jefferson documented in his notes that he had planted grafts of this apple at Monti- cello. This apple is good for cider. NORTHERN SPY The Northern Spy apple originated in New York in 1800 and is an excellent cooking apple. It stays crisp and juicy for long periods in storage and has a tart, aromatic taste.

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