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DIRTYDOZEN 2015 S CORE International has gone through many evolutionary changes lately. But one of the most significant are the young drivers that are making their mark in off-road racing. SCORE identified 12 of the young up and comers, the next generation of SCORE champions, and called them the "Dirty Dozen." "The SCORE Dirty Dozen might sound cute, but from our perspective, these youthful competitors are the future of SCORE International desert racing," said Roger Norman, SCORE CEO/President. "These racers are pushing SCORE desert racing to exciting new levels of achievement, as well as developing the foundation for fulfilling the vision we have for SCORE and the world of desert racing motorsports." From SCORE's perspective, races like the Baja 500 are considered an endurance race. Due to these younger racers that are pushing harder, faster, and in better equipment, the Baja 500 has become somewhat of a sprint race. "I think the young guys now make Trophy Truck racing a lot more interesting. At the same time that's why I think the pace is getting faster," says Trophy Truck driver Tavo Vildosola. "I came from Class 1600 where you can't take a minute off and relax, and these young guys came up though those ranks. That's how they were taught to race. Whether it is a Class 9, a 16 car or a Trophy Truck, or whatever, that's how we learned to race and why I think we are seeing the change. It's also great for the fans. The loop 1000 is headed in that direction as well. With so many good drivers and trucks, if you can push it and the truck survives, it's headed that way. Eventually every race we do will evolve into a sprint race." 12 Young Racers Demonstrate They Are The Future Of SCORE SCORE'S STORY BY MATT KARTOZIAN PHOTOS BY MATT KARTOZIAN AND GET SOME PHOTO 034 SCORE JOURNAL

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