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AUTOGRAPHICS DECALS By Phil Sasso It's a perfect time to capture the success and profi tably in making work truck decals. A while back, my son and I built a model race car. He had the most fun decaling it. I told him there were grown-ups that put decals on real cars for a living. His eyes lit up. (So, in about 10 or 12 years, you might have some tough competition.) Decals on commercial vehicles might not be as lucrative or fun as a wild ad-on-wheels full vehicle wrap, but managed wisely, they still can be profi t- able and an enjoyable throwback to that childhood sense of creativity. Magnets, painted emblems and par- tial wraps have a place, but often decals are a better choice for work trucks and vans. There are many aspects commercial vehicle owners will take into consideration when making a choice on their vehicle graphics, but many restyling shops agree: WANT MORE DECAL? 36 RESTYLING | MARCH 2012 Short of a full wrap, decals can be the best choice from a business point of view. ALTERNATIVES TO DECALS OFFER FEWER UPSIDES By their nature, magnetic signs are viewed as temporary or transient. They aren't commonly used to mark profes- sional fl eets. For example, imagine see- ing a police trooper passing you in a ve- hicle with magnets on the doors. You get the picture. "Magnetic signs can be handy when they need to be put on multiple vehi- cles," says Charity Jackson of Visual Ho- rizons Custom Signs in Modesto, Calif. "But unlike permanent decals, they can also blow off of vehicles, they can be sto- len and they need to be kept on a fl at surface to maintain their fl at shape." Some contractors can "get away with a nice door magnetic sign … as this style is more for identifi cation than a high impact advertisement," says Troy Downey of APE Wraps in Coronado, Ca- lif. But a contractor or business owner that wants his or her vehicles to gener- ate sales should consider more visually high-impact decals, since they're "ad- vertising to the consumer wherever they are, wherever they go. A nice, balanced graphic carrying a clear, concise message of who and what they offer will do won- ders in helping make that phone ring with leads." "For a lot of clients their work truck is their personal truck," says Rod Voegele, president of Gator Wraps in Ontario, Calif. "They don't want to ad- vertise when they're out to dinner with their family. So, that's more of an advan- tage of a magnet." Otherwise, a decal or full wrap has more advantages. Our pros share some of their insider tips, exclusively on Restyling's website. Just go to to read "Streamlining the Vehicle Decal Process." RESTYLINGMAG.COM

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