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2 0 1 5 S E P T E M B E R P R I N T W E A R || 99 DIGITALLY DIRECT Print designs faster and easier with the help of digital technology. For more on digital direct-to-gar- ment equipment and supplies shown here, see suppliers' website and telephone information follow- ing each showcased product. MODULAR GARMENT PRINTER offers the Brother GT-381, a CMYK printer with four white print heads. The machine features eight print heads total with single-pass print- ing. It also is able to print at a maximum speed of 12,000 dpi for photographic image quality and has USB flash-drive compatibility. The printer has a built-in user interface with no RIP required and a front-loading ink cartridge system. Visit: Call: 844-647-9504 CURING SYSTEM Brown Manufacturing Group intro- duces the new FireFly curing sys- tem. Features on this expandable machine include thermal imaging cameras to continually monitor substrate temperature with con- stant adjustment and regulation with any substrate change. It is controlled by touchscreen at a moveable kiosk and at screens on each chamber. There is also a thermal imprint screen to mon- itor each garment as it passes through the chamber. The FireFly also has a multi-belt design, au- tomatic speed calculations, and wide belt speed adjustment. Visit: Call: 616-249-0200 DUAL-STATION HEAT PRESS Hotronix offers its Dual Air Fusion heat press, which includes two printing stations. The two printing stations can be operated either independently or in unison. The upper platen moves between the two 16" X 20" heat printing stations, so one garment can be loaded while the other is pressed. Both platens feature full thread- ability, allowing the garment to be decorated just by rotating it. They are also both equipped with a laser alignment system to im- prove accuracy. Visit: Call: 800-727-8520 THE LATEST IN DIRECT- TO-GARMENT PRINTING PRETREAT APPLICATION SPRAYER Lawson Screen & Digital Products presents its Lawson Zoom-AE, a pretreat application sprayer de- vice that pretreats garments with the touch of a button and reduces out-spray. The sprayer features an instant twist-on/off nozzle that can be changed in seconds and is self-aligning. It has an adjustable spray length and is easy mainte- nance. The Lawson Zoom-AE is all electric. Visit: Call: 800-325-8317

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