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2 0 1 5 S E P T E M B E R P R I N T W E A R || 25 make some substantial sacrifices. Pro- fessionals who make color science their business profile output devices like print- ers and scanners with their color mon- itors. This profiling does not increase the range of colors, but will allow you to view and print the same color. When colors in your heat transfer de- sign fall outside the printer's gamut, an adjustment in the print driver helps to correct this color problem. The rendering intents setting in your printer's driver can help you to avoid harsh color transitions in your final printed heat transfer. The various rendering intents are normally in a dropdown box somewhere in the print driver. The most common combinations in the print driver options will generally have a combination of: • Perceptional colors that are out of the range (gamut) your printer can produce and will be compressed uni- formly to give natural transitions. This setting is often applied to pho- tographs. • Saturation which is intended to pro- duce a more vivid color and is typi- cally used for graphic images. • Absolute Colorimetric is the print- er designed to match the intended color and is best used when trying to match corporate logos and the like. • Relative Colorimetric is all out of the gamut colors in the design and is mapped to the closest possible range of printer colors. Remember, not all colors can be repro- duced and printed on heat transfer paper by any printer. Color sets a mood, creates a feeling of elegance, attracts attention or makes a political statement. It is the most powerful design element you have to work with in creating heat transfer art. Make sure you choose the right color printer and heat transfer paper and learn to use them effectively. challenge is creating the art and viewing it on an RGB color moni- tor when your printer converts your transfer art to CMYK to print it. Generally, the printer does this conversion automatically and you need not be directly involved. Nonetheless, the printer must Yes, beauty may lie in the eyes of the beholder but color on the other hand is all in the head. Subjective as it is, color from the new printer technology will faithfully reproduce your art transfer after transfer. $ 5 , 000 UP TO OFF* Images for illustrative purposes only. Instant rebate valid on new GT-341/GT-361/GT-381 printers purchased in the US and Canada through participating authorized Brother Distributors from 8/1/2015 thru 12/31/2015. Prices may vary. Void where prohibited, no cash value. See limited warranty for details, visit or contact your Brother Sales Representative for information. For full terms and conditions of 0% oer go to 0% oer is available in U.S. only and oered from 8/1/2015 thru 12/31/2015. Credit subject to approval. $1,500 installation fee and $300 shipping fee for GT Printer and $650 shipping fee for heat press and pretreat auxiliary equipment shall apply with this program; other fees may apply. Brother International Corporation reserves the right to revoke any stated oer. PretreatMaker III is a Schulze product and MAXX 2G is a Hotronix product, and Brother International Corporation makes no representations or warranties regarding such products. ©2015 Brother International Corporation. All rights reserved. Brother Industries, Ltd., Nagoya, Japan. 1-866-750-2543 or $ 5 , 000 000 000 000 UP TO OFF* TO FINANCING 0 % $654 94 /MONTH FINANCING 0 % $724 99 /MONTH PACKAGE 1 GET IN THE GAME! GT-361 Printer $17,500 (after IR) MAXX 2G Dual Press $1,357 PretreatMaker III Auto Pretreater $4,721 Total Cost $23,578 PACKAGE 2 OWN THE GAME! GT-381 Printer $20,000 (after IR) MAXX 2G Dual Press $1,357 PretreatMaker III Auto Pretreater $4,721 Total Cost $26,078 Get in the Game! IO YEA RS 2005-20I5

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