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2 0 1 5 S E P T E M B E R P R I N T W E A R || 27 in a dialogue over a product not actually purchased. Again, the criminals are using the same templates as the actual websites, so concerned customers instinctively want to click through and correct these errors. However, it is all a ruse to access personal information using an impressive, but du- plicated, website setup. Conversely, if you ever sell anything on- line that is not within your own shopping cart or ordering system, beware of any contacts that are ready to purchase with "one important detail." Essentially, the buyer tells you, the seller, that their client has already given them a money order or cashier's check for a total more than the amount you are asking. You will be asked to cash the check or money order, and re- fund them the balance. This is a red flag for fraudulent activity. Be safe and be sure to identify anyone offering to buy with- out hesitation. IN SUMMARY To bring this criminal chaos article to an end, follow the simple rule of thumb that any correspondence in your email or so- cial media inboxes can easily be faked, re- gardless of their professional and authen- tic aesthetics. Perform online banking, purchasing and other tasks by logging into the website from a secure brows- er––never from a link sent in an email. It is also recommended to keep passwords and login information in a simple text file on your computer rather than saving them in your browser. One simple visit to the wrong website and malware has now captured that information for use in the near future. And, if you get a letter from a wealthy Nigerian in need, keep in mind the 419 scam has been around for years. You'd probably know if you have a rich uncle living there. The Marketplace TO ADVERTISE CONTACT DIANE GILBERT AT 800-669-0424, EXT. 297 DGILBERT@NBM.COM DISPLAY ADVERTISING Hours devoted to lab and beta testing for the launch of the mPower i-series to date Seconds to print a full-color, 12" x 10" light shirt graphic Number of actuations that each Ricoh® industrial strength print head is rated for 10,000 100 Billion 20 855-863-1638 the heart Y O U ' R E L O O K I N G AT O F O U R P R I N T E R Do you still rely on plastic print heads to print your full color t-shirts and other apparel? Accept only the highest quality for your business. Stainless-steel Ricoh print heads, a patented closed-loop ink delivery system and advanced AnaRIP software make the AnaJet mPower i-series the fastest, most durable DIRECT TO GARMENT printer. See our printer in action at To learn more visit our website SEPT. 1316 CHICAGO, IL BOOTH # 660 080415 1x2v ASI.indd 1 8/4/2015 4:06:58 PM

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