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CONTENTS Quote // Unquote 4 || P R I N T W E A R S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 5 V O L U M E 2 8 | | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 5 | | N U M B E R 1 2 KELLY "RAGS" RAGLAND from Internet Strategies, page 26 " The Internet provides us with a wonderful channel to com- municate, market our businesses, and research literally any subject, product, or service we can imagine. Unfortunately, it also gives criminals a virtual highway to try and take advan- tage of unsuspecting users of online experiences. " Quote // 102 54 Quote Quote // 52 STITCH SOLUTIONS Jennifer Cox helps establish goals for sales calls. 54 THREAD... ACCORDING TO ED Ed Levy discusses the importance of regular embroidery machine maintenance. 58 APPLIQUÉ ANY WAY Dive into the line of options for appliqué use with Erich Campbell. 64 PIECES OF FUN Helen Hart Momsen writes about unique appliqué applications. Columns 6 COMMON THREADS Fantasy league 12 SELLING SMART Back to school 14 SOFTWARE TO SUBSTRATE Too hot to handle 18 BUSINESS TRAINER Pricing products profitability 22 GRAPHICS HOT SPOT Color befitting a heat transfer 26 INTERNET STRATEGIES Online fraud awareness 112 LAST LAUGH Try a little tenderness Departments 8 BUSINESS WATCH Watching business 17 WEB WATCH What's on the web 50 IN PRINT Industry lit 70 PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Highlighted suppliers' goods 102 THE LATEST Product reviews 106 DATEBOOK Mark your calendar 108 THE MARKETPLACE Classified ads 110 GET INFO SYSTEM Advertiser index

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