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56 || P R I N T W E A R S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 5 THREAD ... ACCORDING TO ED Embroidery Business clean can contribute to thread breaks and can also shorten the life of the thread-cutting mechanism. OIL UP Oiling the hook is one of the most critical and often most un- derutilized maintenance operations. The rule of thumb has always been one drop of oil for every four hours of use. At the same time, you don't want to saturate the hook with oil either; 10 drops of oil for every 25 hours of use does not compensate for lack of oiling. A well-oiled hook will not only extend the life of the hook but will also result in smoother machine operation. The one drop every four hours rule is based on a machine that gets regular use. If you oil the machine, use it for an hour and then let the machine sit for six months, it is a good idea to put another drop of oil on the hook when you start the machine again. Another important factor to consider is the four hours is based on sewing time and not on the clock. A good rule for an active embroidery machine is to put in one drop of oil in the morning and then another drop midday. Keep in mind that too much oil is a significant contributing factor to stains on garments and results in costly rejects. After oiling the hook, be sure to run the machine for a couple minutes with nothing more than backing in case any excess oil splashes off the hook. In addition to oiling the hook, there are various other parts of the embroidery machine that require oil on a regular basis, such as the take up levers that drive the needle bar up and down in conjunc- tion with the reciprocator. Be sure to use a high-quality embroidery machine oil. Always consult with the embroidery machine's own- Every few days, wipe the surface of your embroidery machine off with a damp rag. Then take a light pressure of air from a can or compressor and gently blow the air into the various openings in your machine. The key here is to use a very gentle air.

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