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2 0 1 5 S E P T E M B E R P R I N T W E A R || 65 an appliqué of a poodle and further embellished to catch the eye and the wallet. The famous flower children, or hippies from the 1960s created as- tounding and colorful clothing with mixed patterns, prints, and fabrics. To- day, many successful fashion designers use appliqué in their clothing lines, and the term "wearable artist" refers to the many bold and creative designers that fashion fabric art into one-of-a- kind garments. Many early tribes decorated their tents with colorful appliqué to send a message or just to add beauty. The ancient Egyptians stitched not only on garments, but also on items found in the home. An exciting variation of appliqué is Persian appliqué which uses small motifs cut from colorful pattern-printed fabrics in a larger pat- tern. In this tradition, Baker created four tablecloths for a university. The circle behind the flower in the image on page 66 is heavy cotton twill that is 18" around. The white appliqué fabric required two hoopings and the leaves and the flower are also appliqué. "The circle alignment was challenging due to the visibility of any minor errors in alignment," Baker says. Appliqué projects can sometimes be challenging when the substrate is dif- ferent or has a mind of its own. Lynn Tittle of Sew What? Custom Embroi- dery in Andale, Kansas, stitched a collapsible windshield screen with her daughter's college logo for a gift. "Dig- itizing the logo was no problem, but getting the screen itself hooped and on the machine was not as easy. It would pop off when we traced because of the wire edging." Finally, she says, she took the wire out, hooped the silver fabric, There are many different edge-finishes you can use with appliqué. If the fabric will curl and fray in an interesting way, a raw edge adds extra textural and visual interest. (Tom Farr, Buzzard's Bay Embroidery)

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