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2 0 1 5 S E P T E M B E R P R I N T W E A R || 67 native to digitized designs with large stitch areas. Clever digitizers and embroiderers are always casting their creative minds in di- rections that bring us something new and different. Tear-away fabric is available and allows decorators to stitch their design and simply pull away the excess fabric. There are also companies abound that will cut your appliqué pieces for you. The appliqué process is quite straight-for- ward. The first thing digitized and stitched is the outline which will be the guideline for the appliqué placement. A frame-out or color stop will allow for placement of the fabric piece. The tack down stitch is next. On fabric that frays, use a double tour of running stitches several millimeters apart and then lay down a zigzag stitch or low density satin all around. Note that a running stitch will allow you to trim closer to the fabric. There are many edge-finishing possibil- ities as well—the edges are ordinarily en- cased in a finishing satin stitch, E-stitch, or zigzag edge but can be secured with a run- ning stitch to allow the edges to fray for a shabby look. Farr was commissioned to cre- ate a soft appliqué so he used two layers of jersey fabric. After embroidery, he washed the fabric to wear and curl the ends of the appliqué. He added a distressed appliquéd logo to finish the caps. placed behind the opening and the turned under edges of the top fabric are sewn to the new fabric. This can be especially exciting if your main target fabric has a print. A differ- ent section of the print can be used to fill the opening, which is especially nice if that particular design doesn't appear elsewhere in the garment. Appliqués can also be dimensional, and when the design extends above the surface of the target fabric, the elements of texture and height add to the excitement of the de- sign. Puff embroidery, which is often seen on caps, can be added to appliqué to create the same type of 3D effect. Dimension can additionally be created with the appliqué fabrics themselves. Sharon Marhefka of Em- broidery Sew Fine in Parma Heights, Ohio, created a birthday shirt and blanket using textiles with loft and texture. "The animals are created from fleece and the lamb is curly minky, so it looked like real lamb fur." For those who do screen printing, trans- fers, or digital printing as well, the possi- bilities to incorporate detailed designs into an appliqué as a cost saving measure are exciting. Tom Farr from Buzzard's Bay Em- broidery in Westport, Massachusetts, uses a direct-to-garment printer and a cutter to produce products that are both cost and time effective. To achieve these multi-me- dia designs, he prints the graphic on bone twill. The caps are stitched with an under- lay to flatten the area for the design with an indicator line for placement of the printed appliqué. The embroidered border adds a dimensional look to the patch which en- hances the traditional applied transfer. It allows for color and detail that create a cus- tomer-pleasing product. APPLIQUÉ IN A NUTSHELL Machines simplified what was once a lengthy hand process and has kept appliqué popular. Clever products such as fusible web and backing have made appliqué easier and faster so that it is a more cost-friendly alter- HART ENTERPRISES Improve Your Embroidery Business With These Too! Indispensable books about the business of embroidery – for veterans and newbies alike! Professional Embroidery: Business by Design Take a look at the entire business of embroidery and learn time-saving and profit-enhancing ways to improve your business! • • 540-999-8445 And try these everyday too• for making your business run smoothly. business run smoothly. Professional Embroidery: Stitching by Design Hone your professional stitching skills and expand your creative approach to design! • Hart Forms • Center Point Ruler 12" & 24" for finding the center quickly • Circular Monogram • Calligraphy Alphabet • Tonal and Color Selectors • Photo Frame Cards— Great for Embroidery Presentations! • eBooks on Hooping, Placement, Caps, Patches and MORE! • Check out our website for upcoming embroidery and digitizing classes as well as new books • Authorized Wilcom Distributor

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