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2 0 1 5 S E P T E M B E R P R I N T W E A R || 69 stitched frame around the edge as the fin- ishing appliqué technique. Remember to reduce the density in appliqué stitching when using vinyl or mylar as they per- forate easily. To take designs to the next level, oth- er 3D components can be added. Use real tassels, or pieces of cord for rope— in other words, use your imagination when finishing off appliqué. If you dig- itize, after punching your appliqué, add shadows and highlights, a hint of brick, a whisper of wood, or the outline of feath- ers on a bird. Buttons, bows, sequins, rhinestones, raffia, and yarn can all be used to add dimension to appliqué and create dynamic mixed-media art. Whether it is wearable or a banner, or home décor item, using your imagina- tion with appliqué will bring a sense of adventure to your project, and a larger profit. This baby blanket incorporates fleece and curly minky fabrics to create different textures and lofts. The accompanying shirt uses various textures and finishes for added charm. (Images courtesy Sharon Marhefka, Embroidery Sew Fine)

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