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2 0 1 5 S E P T E M B E R P R I N T W E A R || 91 decal. This makes the creation of rhinestone transfers easy with minimal investment in equipment, however, it will also consume time and money because the method focus- es on one design at a time. Depending on the output, a much larger and automatic method of adhering stones may become a necessity. Rhinestone place- ment machines mechanically pick up indi- vidual rhinestones and deliver them from a number of hoppers to the transfer tape. The multi-hopper system provides a rap- id-method production of multi-colored designs. These machines can save a compa- ny massive amounts of money while driv- ing production time down and quantity of fixed stones up, although the technology can be pricey if output is not justified. NO SUBSTITUTE There are many options available to any size business for breaking into the rhine- stone industry. Experimentation will play a large role in developing appropriate tech- niques and marketing. Finding the perfect cutter, heat press, software, or rhinestone machine will be a matter of projected de- mand, growth, and practicality. Providing your customers with high quality, custom- izable, shimmering products will place you above the rest. Understanding your business's individual needs and projecting for potential growth in the market will help direct the initial purchase of appropriate equipment. There's plenty of room in the market for blinged- out apparel and accessories. With a heat press, some rhinestones, and a little exper- imentation you can be well on the way to becoming a gleaming apparel mogul. A good heat press is possibly the most important piece of equipment a rhinestone decorator can purchase. Manually brushing stones into place on adhesive flock is an efficient way for small companies to create rhinestone transfers.

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